Poised by the abundant human and natural resources endowed in Imo State and frustrated by the suffering of the citizens, coupled with deplorable conditions of their roads and infrastructures, Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu said, as a leader with the right vision and commitment to serve, selflessly and prudently that he is on the mission to salvage the state from socio-economic devastations.

Anyanwu said this in Owerri on Tuesday while interacting with the state media executives on why he is aspiring to be Governor of the state in 2019 and under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
According to him “it is an obvious fact that we have been able to provide the right leadership, that would have propelled our economy to prosperity instead of poverty. The abundant natural and human resources endowed on us by God have been poorly managed. If our natural and human resources have been properly harnessed, prudently and judiciously managed, Imo State would have been among one of the richest states, if not the richest in Nigeria.
This can only be achieved if we can elect leaders with the right vision and commitment to serve selflessly and prudently. Each time I reflect on this reality, I have the zeal in me to lead the salvage mission because the big picture I see about Imo State under the leadership of a caring, committed, compassionate, humane, intelligent and humble person reads greatness”.
He pointed out that his party, PDP has had its fair share of political crisis and advised on the need to mend fences and respect the feeling and views of others.
The aspirant noted that though individuals are bound to have their personal ambitions within a political party, such interests must be pursued without sending wrong signals that would unsettle the great number of the members or make them feel that the party has lost its character as the big umbrella that should provide the shade for all members.
Anynawu recalled that impunity and high-handedness in political engagement weakens political party and makes the party vulnerable to external and internal manipulations and deprives them the qualities of being a formidable political party.
He stated that his goal in politics is to serve as a bridge between the leadership and the people so as to ensure that the state is pulled out from the clutches of poverty, while ensuring timely payment of pensions and full restoration of civil servants salaries and emoluments.

By Everest Ezihe
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