Obiano in full support of 'Operation Python Dance'', warns citizens of viewing as Anambra at war

Anambra state government press statement on Operation Python Dance

1. Anambra State is today the safest state in not just Nigeria but West Africa. This is a long leap since the assumption of office of Governor Willie Obiano thirty three months ago.. Before this era, kidnappers and other extremely violent criminals were almost overrunning the state, forcing businesses and families to relocate from our state and move to places like Lagos and Abuja. Our people also began to perform odd things like conducting traditional marriage rites in such places. It is sadly true that some traditional rulers in our state kidnapped during the dark days have yet to be to be found to this day.
We cannot therefore forget in a hurry our recent past.

2.The ongoing Exercise Python Dance by the Nigerian Army in the Southeast has been mis-presented by some persons as an exercise designed to inconvenience the Igbos and in particular Ndi Anambra. It is, mischievously propagated by some quarters as a terrible Christmas gift to our people. Governor Obiano’s statement on the exercise has been distorted by malicious persons on the social media. The Government and people of Anambra State are appalled at this nefarious efforts and condemn it emphatically.
3.      The task of restoring peace and order in our state and ensure that Anambra State did become what some people may call a failed state marked by lawlessness was a cardinal and early task of the Willie Obiano administration. The State Government worked closely with the Security agencies to achieve the sustained success in the Anambra environment. Cooperation has been the key to the security of lives and property in our State. Members of these organisations discharged their duties to our state and its people professionally. 

4.     Exercise Python Dance is a routine military exercise by the Nigerian Army in the Southeast of Nigeria,not only Anambra State. Similar exercises have taken place in other geographical zones of the country without incidents or controversy; Niger Delta and North west being the most recent weeks ago. 

5. It is incorrect for some persons to suggest that Anambra State is at war or loggerheads with any sect, persons or organizations on account of the ongoing Military training exercise. Rather, the officers and men of the Nigerian Army are enjoined to discharge their duties with courtesy, thereby earning the respect of our people in the entire Southeast. We are informed that an elaborate Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Line of Operation has been planned during the Exercise. Activities such as medical outreach, repairs of roads, schools and other infrastructure across the South East Region. 

6. The Anambra State Government will at all times ensure that the rights and comfort of our people which are non negotiable are respected by all and sundry. The Government and Ndi Anambra shall together continue to  assure that our state remains the safest part of Nigeria and West Africa and eager to welcome our kit and kin to a redoubtable holiday season.

Thank you.
Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta
Hon . Commissioner for Information and Strategy
Anambra State Government
8th December 2016

Obiano in full support of 'Operation Python Dance'', warns citizens of viewing as Anambra at war Obiano in full support of 'Operation Python Dance'', warns citizens of viewing as Anambra at war Reviewed by Unknown on Friday, December 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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