Rape of Martha by Her Uncle: VEAST calls for - Death By Hanging - for All Rapists

Voice  from the  East – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,    held   an   urgent meeting  on the  incessant and repeated rape  and incest  cases in Nigeria, and came up with a  frank call on the Federal Government , to wit, the three arms of  government: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, to as  a matter of urgency,  make , interpret and execute   death – by- hanging law, not  at  all life jail,  for  all inclusive cases of rape.

 In a statement  made available to journalists  at  Asaba   and endorsed by its Convener, Comrade Kindness  Jonah,  the  group noted with  utter  shattering of heart , the gory tale of brutalized rape of one Martha, a devout VIRGIN Christian by  her uncle  from hellfire as relayed on page 25 of Thursday Vanguard, 30TH  August, 2018.
 This enterprising beautiful virgin Christian lady who should be protected by her uncle, guided by her uncle, and given out in marriage as a matter of pride and honour to her  husband by her uncle, was contrariwise, brutally  disvirgened by her uncle. As Igbos would say, ‘dog has eaten the  bone  on its neck’. 

This  incestuous act , VEAST said, cannot and should not anymore be  tolerated in Nigeria, and called on all required in execution of law to ensure that this satanic uncle  that disvirgened  Martha  be  soundly punished with  nothing short  of  life jail.
‘‘‘ We make case for  death by hanging  for all cases of rape, from now on in Nigeria.

 The rate of rape  and the concomitant wriggling out of the case by  the guilty  via the instrumentality of the law ,  via the so called  legal lacunas occasioned by  burden of proof  in limbo, makes  a rape victim, a laughing stock  in Nigeria, thereby emboldening  the criminal  and furthering the course of  this  shit- hole  act.’’’   
VEAST  noted with dismay, the increasing cases of  incest in our society where  father  rapes or sleeps with his daughter, where brother rapes or sleeps  with his sister, where uncle  rapes  or sleeps  with his  aunt. 

From Biblical  times, laments  VEAST, incest  has received condemnation , and can never be tolerated  in our society  any more.   ‘‘‘‘ VEAST , therefore, calls on the  National Assembly, to as a matter of urgency , make laws to  that  must kill  the rapist  by hanging publically .’’’’ 
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