Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu returns to Anambra State House of Assembly

www.odogwublog.com reports that Nnewi North representative in the state House of Assembly Hon Amala Anazodo is going , if not gone from the House as his second term bid has met waterloo. Nnewi North people unanimously is bringing a tested and trusted son to represent them in the person of Hon Barr Ben Chucks Nwosu, gunning under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Read the story according to Hon. Ndubuisi Unachukwu ……………

2019 HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY ELECTION FOR NNEWI NORTH : Rt. Hon.Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu and the rest of us.
The race for the Anambra State House Of Assembly seat for Nnewi North LG is on. By the rotation policy governing the seat made by Nnewi Wise men for the unity, peace and order of Nnewi as one people of the same genetics, it is the turn of Nnewichi our community to present to Nnewi a fit and proper candidate to occupy that seat after the turn of Umudim expires in February, 2019.
As a son of Nnewi from Nnewichi, I have nursed a well known ambition to emerge as a candidate of my party PDP for the election to represent Nnewi North State constituency in the Anambra State House Of Assembly from March, 2019. I have worked very hard for the election. My massive grassroots support and followership is not in doubt and can be attested to by political watchers in Nnewi.
On  Sunday 26th August, 2018 at Anaedo Hall, Nnewi, something worthy of deep thinking concerning my ambition occurred. During the turn of House Of Assembly aspirants to address a full hall that attended the Political Summit which included H. E Dame Virgy Etiaba -former Governor of Anambra State, Obi Nnewichi Chief George Onyekaba-Obidiugwu Nnewi, Oziuzo Nnewi Chief Ajulu Uzodike, Engr. Emeka Nzewi, Dr. Obi Nwosu,  Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, Chief Ben Etiaba and representives the  Governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano and other distinguished personalities and aspirants for the Senate and House Of Representatives, our brother, Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu was the third person to address the audience among the House Of Assembly aspirants .

He introduced himself and said that he is interested in running for the House Of Assembly seat for Nnewi North LG in 2019. He said that PDP has a policy that in States where the Governor is not PDP as is the case in our State, the leadership of our party have decided to carefully choose and present a candidate that stands the best chance of winning the election bearing in mind rotation principle in constituencies where it applies. He said that if he becomes the PDP candidate by the grace of God and members of PDP and gets elected by the people of Nnewi, he will become a ranking member of the Anambra State House Of Assembly. After recalling the achievements of Governors Ngige, Obi and Dame Virgy Etiaba and personal humility of Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu especially the fact that till date, he is the only representative who never indicated interest in running for a second term at the end of his tenure. I began to think twice about my aspiration. He respected the policy of rotation. He thanked Nnewi people for the opportunity given him to serve them for a term of four years and went back to his legal practice.

 Without any disturbance, it became the turn of Uruagu, Otolo and now Umudim in that order. He has indicated interest in the seat once again because it is the turn of our Nnewichi community to represent Nnewi in the House Of Assembly in 2019.Rt.Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu is a prayer answered for  my community Nnewichi. 
Umudim is treating Nnewichi as if we have nobody good enough to go to the House Of Assembly which is our turn because they are boasting that Hon.  Amala Anazodo will be a Ranking Member if he goes for a second term. Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu will be a Super- Ranking Member in the House Of Assembly  because he will be a second- timer too. In terms of qualifications, personality, experience, reach and legislative and political achievements and stature as a philosopher, political scientist and lawyer, Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu is the legislative expert that Nnewichi and Nnewi is looking for.Nnewi is too big and too important in Anambra State and Nigeria for  colourless people to represent. If he has not changed his mind, every contestant should call Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu to come at this critical moment and save Nnewi from this ill- advised second term dream and embarrassment  by Hon. Amala Anazodo and Umudim community .

After thinking about all this, I have decided to put my ambition on hold and support Rt. Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu for the seat and I call all aspirants no matter their political party to do so. Nnewi people are famous for their intelligence and common sense in Igboland.  This is the time to prove it by calling ourselves to order. Ben Chuks Nwosu Esq is a senior lawyer and it is lawmaking that is done in the House of Assembly together with proactive and vibrant politics for Nnewi interest and not indolence . He has experience and contacts throughout Nnewi and beyond . He is humble, very friendly and approachable with  integrity recognised throughout Anambra State . He achieved a lot for Nnewi when he represented us. He respected,honoured and dignified our Igwe who was the Chairman of the Anambra State Traditional Council and Ikenga Nnewi Dr. Dozie Ikedife who was the President -General Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Worldwide when they directed him to stand with Gov. Peter Obi and majority of Anambra people  during the impeachment saga when his colleagues ran to Asaba and were busy collecting money to impeach Gov. Peter Obi.

 His stand during the crisis proved to be the glorious moment in the political history of Anambra State for our beloved Igwe and Ikenga Nnewi.Ben Chuks Nwosu Esq made Nnewi proud by assuming the position of Speaker and made sure that the principles of democracy and rule of law prevailed .Making money in politics is not as important as service, integrity and respect for Nnewi and its leadership. With a sense of responsibility, I appeal to all aspirants in PDP  and indeed all aspirants of other political parties to endorse Rt. Hon. Barr.Ben Chuks Nwosu as the most qualified aspirant to represent Nnewi in the State House Of Assembly in 2019.

There is no need for unnecessary contest and waste of time and money. Let the best man go. We have a chance to set an example for other communities in Nnewi that Nnewichi is organized and disciplined even in partisan politics. Let good reason for which we are known prevail.
-Hon. Ndubuisi Unachukwu -
Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu returns to Anambra State House of Assembly Hon. Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu returns to Anambra State House of Assembly Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, September 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. I stand with Barr Benchuks Nwosu he is d best candidate to represent us.