South East rejects proposed Python Dance 3 reports that more voices from the South East are condemning the Military intended operation Python dance 3 in the zone.

Ex-Chairman, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) in Idemili, Anambra State, Ben Okoko, described the exercise as a waste of funds.

Okoko, who addressed reporters yesterday at his law chambers in Nkpor, said the exercise showed the military’s incompetence in internal affairs.

He noted that the military has come of age and should shift from using muscle to intelligence gathering and under-cover operations.

Okoko said: “To announce to the world that you will be having Operation Python Dance or Snake Dance is to say the least, letting the cat out of the bag, as such activities would definitely bring the military into direct confrontation with the civilians they should protect.

“Previous outings of these operations have resulted in huge casualties on civilians. There have been instances where military might have been required, but they failed woefully. The resources they are trying to put on ground for Operation Python Dance III, if channelled to flash points of the country, where insecurity is at its highest, would send a nunc dimitis to the sects and get them eradicated.

“It will amount to adding salt to injury for the military to come to the Southeast under the guise of Operation Python Dance 3, where the population is already saturated with heavy police presence in peace time.”

General Overseer, Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministry, Nnewi, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, warned that any one fronting such a move is making a mockery of the Igbo.

He said: “The Southeast and its people do not need anything called Operation Python Dance; it should be sent to areas where insecurity is rife.”
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