Ndigbo asks Sokoto Governor , Aminu Tambuwal to contest Presidency

www.odogwublog.com reports that the Ndigbo United Assembly (NAU), a Socio Cultural Organization in the South East region has insisted that only a detribalised Nigerian with a verifiable track record would be a solution to the Country's myriads of problems

In a Communique jointly signed by the President General and Secretary General respectively after an emergency general meeting in Atani in Ogbaru Local Government Council headquarters, the group warned that the mistake of 2015 Presidential election should not be repeated for the genuine Unity Peace and Progress of Nigeria.
"It is only fools that repeat a very big mistake and expect a different result, warning the the monumental and generational mistake by Nigerians in 2015, a mistake of voting in this present administration that has almost  resulted in the disintegration of this God given  Peaceful County "
Nevertheless, NAU after painstakingly studying the profile and antecedents of the present governor of Sokoto State and former Speaker of Federal House of Representatives and after consulting with the other affiliate organizations and Stake Holders decided to nominate and invite the young and dynamic leader from the Caliphate to show interest in the Nation's number one job. NAU hinged her demand for Tambawal because of the National Status of the young man whose leadership in the green chambers brought separation of Power and sound legislation through out his tenure, he was on hand and physically visited almost all the constituencies in Nigeria to monitor projects and ensure a quality representation in almost all the federal Constituencies in Nigeria.
 Aminu Tambawal was physically present at this local Government during the empowerment program of the then  member representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency, Hon Victor Afam Ogene and the pedestrian Bridge you see at Uga Junction area and the other two along along Nkpor New Cemetery road are all made possible by the Tambawal Afam Ogene regime. During his time Nigerians benefited from their various constituency projects as a result of supervision by Tambawal leadership which Aminu Tambawal a citizen of all the federal Constituencies in Nigeria. His leadership put the Executive on regular check which made life of Nigerians prosperous exactly the opposite of what we now get from the present administration, Ndigbo United Assembly therefore call on all Nigerians to reject a government that thrives in demarketing of its citizens and dances on the their mass  graves across the Country, a government whose template for its citizens are only suffering, hunger, pain and anguish, which has no respect for the rule of law and has turned our foundermental human rights as hate speech.
A government that would not tolerate criticism, views and opinions of fellow citizens would not be allowed to stand and the only Solution to all problems from the East, West, North and South is a man who has distinguished himself both in Character and in leaning, who would restructure this Country in his first four years and that person is Rt Hon Aminu Tambawal. His resourcefulness made his good people of Sokoto State invited and voted him to the Executive office of the governor of that State which now made to be on mood of celebration throughout his tenure.
Signed :Comrade Sir Peter Okala (PG) Barr Raymond Anyaeji (Secretary
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