VEAST asks National Assembly to cancel Ekiti Elections

NATIONAL ASEMBLY   PLEASE  CANCEL   EKITI  ELECTIONS   NOW.                              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
VOICE  FROM THE  EAST – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,    held   an   urgent Meeting  on the  teargasing  of  Governor of Ekiti  State  this  evening by  Nigerian Police  and  security  outfit   at the government  House  Ado  Ekiti.      VEAST  evaluated the following   key   issues   affecting the   deployment of  tetra-heavy  military presence in Ekiti elections:
·     Buhari   deployed  30,000  crack police  team  to  Ekiti State  for   jihad  war   called elections .
·       Buhari  deployed more than  5  army generals  as  field commanders  to Ekiti  State   for  the  jihad  war called elections.
·       Buhari    could   have instructed   shoot  -at-  sight for perceived  anti- APC   meddlesomeness  as  the  leader of  islamic killer  group  called Fulaniherdsmen, which  as VEAST  rightly gathered, was the reason for teargasing Governor Fayose, to  send destruction signals  to  any body who wants to work against  his interest  as  the  madi  and mujahideen  of  jihadi islamizers  called  Fulaniherdsmen in Nigeria. Recall  that  Fayose had ordered   Fulaniherdsmen out  of  Ekiti  State, which Buhari  sees  as an  affront.
·      Conclusion:    National  Assembly should  , as a matter of urgency, cancel  Ekiti elections  and  save  Nigeria  from another islamic- bokoharamic – Fulaniherdsmen  bloodshed.  This  call  for cancellation   has  become necessary  because  Buhari  cherishes  bloodshed  which accounts  for the  wild   Flaniherdsmen butchering  Nigerians  almost on daily basis  with  Buhari  as the   Life  Patron of Miyettiallah  and  Commader- in- Chief   Of  the armed  forces  of the Federation, yet, he  sits  at ease,  watching  innocent Christians  and Nigerians  wasted by his  kinsmen  and   jihadists as  Fulaniherdsmen, but does nothing.
Comrade   Kindness Jonah, is the CONVENER  of  VEAST.

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