SDP is the way to go for youths By Pietro Macleo UZOCHUKWU

Finally the youths and women have found a voice; a home; a political party to call their own!

The twilight and upsurge of numerous challenges bedeviling Nigeria and the insensitivity of the Buhari administration led to the mantra of change the change! On the other hand, the 16 years of exploitative rule of PDP and the 3 years down the line of clueless  retrogressive leadership of the APC which has further worsened and deepened the problems of Nigeria came the clamor across the nation for a coalition to rescue Nigeria from dovetailing into a failed State.
The Statesmen, Technocrats, Academia and Stakeholders sat across the round table to access, identify and come up with a sustainable solution to Nigeria’s quagmire in a meeting popularly referred to as “hand shake across the Niger” the coalition and deliberations in that fora gave birth to a Movement for a New Political Order which further engineered the marriage and fusing the MNPO into the Social Democratic Party. With this partnership came the overhaul of existing SDP structures and the amendments of all her corporate documents to capture the new ideologies of a better Nigeria. The marriage between SDP and the Movement of a New Political Order gave birth to the current SDP which has embedded in its ideologies and constitution the current realities and challenges of today’s Nigeria.

The problems bedeviling Nigeria as at the heydays of 3rd Republic SDP is not as near and dire as today’s problems. As against a quest to takeover power from military dictatorship, today’s Nigeria faces a problem of insecurity, development of underdevelopment, undemocratic practices, religious and ethnic bigotry, favoritism and selective development, brain drain and unemployment, high level of illiteracy and underdevelopment of human resource, poverty and unavailability of basic amenities, impunity and total disregard of the rule of law, inflation and stark corruption.

The advent and unveiling of the rejuvenated SDP on the 1st day of March, 2018 sent an aura of hope across Nigeria and a shiver down the spine of the current administration and across the echelon of the major political parties. The New SDP is a party borne out of years of research and findings into the problems of Nigeria. It is a party which its major objectives are to build a restructured, balanced, equitable and truly functional Nigerian federation. Integrate the Youths and Women into Nigerian politics. Create a balanced and equitable Nigeria. Provide a dynamic, productive, transformed and sustainable Nigerian economy etc.

Finally, the youth and women have found a voice; the major political parties in Nigeria had over the years subjugated these groups of Nigerians, paying lip service to the agenda of empowering this crop of people that make up a massive bunch of the electorates. Over the years the Youths and Women have simply been given enough to sustain themselves and keep them alive for another electioneering year and to yet ironically re-elect their subjugators but today these vibrant persons have found a political party that has the empowerment of women and power transition to the younger generations embedded in its constitution and ideology. The Social Democratic Party in line with globalization has created a platform for the inclusiveness of women into politics and the mentoring and transition of power to the youths for better vibrant and secular governance (replacement generation platform). Today thanks to SDP youths and women are no longer mere tools for elections rather they have become key stakeholders in the polity of Nigeria.

Irrespective of party, religious and ethnic affiliations I implore every youth and women in Nigeria to join SDP to find out for yourself my claims so far. You may have been a member, tug, tool etc of  other political parties, look around you and ask yourself how these political parties have bettered your lives after years of your support and then join SDP and in no time you shall attest that the difference is clear; with “you” onboard…the possibilities are endless. “women does not belong in the other room neither are Nigerian youths lazy”.

Together we shall change this change come 2019. The Youths and Women shall write their names in gold in the politics of Nigeria.

Get your PVC! Join Social Democratic Party (SDP) and vote SDP along the various levels of government and I bet you that restructuring, development and better governance are assured!
Uzochukwu is an active member of the SDP 

Photo of Prof Jerry Ghana , National youth leader of SDP and members of youths directorate of SDP 
SDP is the way to go for youths By Pietro Macleo UZOCHUKWU SDP is the way to go for youths By Pietro Macleo UZOCHUKWU Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Rating: 5

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