Bloody crisis averted in Anambra as youth rise to fight for land

image1.JPGWhat could have brewed into a bloody crisis in Oba Community in Idemili South Local
 Government Area of Anambra State was averted by relevant stakeholders whose quick intervention calmed angry youth from Aboji Akanano village in the town who were ready to wage a serious fight against those who according to them were out to take over their land.

Troubled started when youth from Aboji Akanano noticed that youth from a neighbouring village moved into their land with some highly place people in company of security agents to attack and destroy some structures in some parts of Aboji Akanano such as Ugbo - Umuezeani, Umuezegbe, Umumpama and Umuokokpa on the ground that the structure were situated in their land.

Angered with the development, the Aboji Akanano youth trooped out in their numbers for a revenge. Armed with sticks, broken bottles and cutlasses they vowed to attack those highly placed people who lead the attack in their territory but for the quick intervention of the President General of Aboji Akanano town union Nze Dozie Nweke saw the youth slow down their anger and mellowed down their antics

Addressing journalists on the issue Nze Nweke alleged that two people made up of a giggly placed titled community leader and a Lawyer from a neighbouring village were behind the attack on Aboji land noting that the youth were prepared to defend and secure their land because it is their right to do so. 

He alleged that the community leader and the Lawyer have sold over 1000 plot of land and are still desperate to sell every position of land around them to make more money not minding the fact that the youth need such land to build their own houses and raise their own families and grand families.

The President General agreed with the youth that they have the right to defend and secure their territory where they will build their own houses but said no to using violent means to approach the matter adding that the mother body, the Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) have waded into the matter and are looking into it with utmost seriousness.

Nze Nweke said "We are going to fight with every sense of civility to avoid violence, we are matured enough to device legal means and also use diplomacy to the best of our abilities, these youth mostly are single and very soon they will start looking for wives, so they need the land where they will build their own houses so they cannot fold their hand and some people sell off their land" 

He said that President of the  OPU youth wing Sam Ezeukwu has waded into the matter and pleaded with the Aboji Akanano youth to calm down and they accepted adding that though Aboji Akanano youth are law abiding and peace lovers any further attempt to trample on their land will be vehemently resisted. 

He cautioned those coming to buy land in Aboji Akanano to beware of those who are selling land like no man business maintaining that the youth are ready henceforth to resist any attempt to sell their father land by anybody no matter how highly placed.
Bloody crisis averted in Anambra as youth rise to fight for land Bloody crisis averted in Anambra as youth rise to fight for land Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, May 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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