Media practitioners under Independent Media Support Organization (IMSO) set agenda for Obiano reports that concerned Anambra Media Practitioners under the auspices of Independent Media Support Organization (IMSO) yesterday called for a better relationship between the media and the Executive arm of the Anambra state government in his second term in office.

The media practitioners and stakeholders led by Ogbuefi Harris Chuma (AGG), the Executive Director, Independent Media Support Organization (IMSO), and Convener: CONCERNED ANAMBRA MEDIA PRACTITIONERS (CAMP), noted that Governor Willie Obiano has good intentions for the state but needed men and women who are open to the media for constructive engagement aimed at better development of the state.
The keynote address on  role of media in sustaining productive governance was presented by Prof Charles Nwadigwe of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka while the Chairman of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), South-East , Comrade Aloysius Attah and a Blogger , Uju Edochie were the discussants as moderated by a renowned journalist and Author , Ngozi Emedolibe.
The participants agreed that no matter the view of anyone in authority of administration that the media must do its role of agenda setting and championing development not minding whose ox is gored though in most constructive way to actualize the aim of championing attention and retaining it for development to take place.  
In his address Ogbuefi Chuma said the most persistent criticism seems to be that Governor Obiano avoids trouble too often, lying low rather than trying to engage the opposition in their tea party attacks.

He opined that there are usually many routes to every destination, and history has proven that Gov Obiano prefers that pathway that rubs off positively on the Anambra people.

His words: ‘’Since being sworn into office in March 2014, Gov. Willie Obiano has made Ndi Anambra proud of their state.  His administration has improved the lives of the citizens, touching virtually every area of statecraft, ranging from construction of modern roads, education, healthcare, care for the aged,  to youth employment and most importantly, in the area of security. Naturally, one would expect that even the opposition should be praising him, but it becomes understandable when one realizes that opposition must do its job in the polity.
With another four years of progressive administration in the state, the socio-economic landscape of the state will definitely assume a brighter position. Awka, the state capital and other important towns are wearing a more organised outlook with the aesthetics people cannot stop talking about.
‘’As Governor Willie Obiano starts his second term in office, the Media Practitioners in the State will have more to do in promoting good governance. Not just highlighting government's works, media should always educate the people on the need to pay taxes, on the need to monitor government projects, on the need to rate  performances of goveenment contractors, on the need to report corruption.  The very vital function of media is to act as a watchdog over the powerful, promoting accountability, transparency and public scrutiny.

Analysts say in a democracy, and more specifically in Nigeria, the role of the press is two-fold: to inform the public and, more importantly, to act as a watchdog on government activities. Media and politics will always have close connection, at least for the next four years, even if both view each other as adversaries. As the media is the most important source of information for the wider public, governments need it as a tool to get the exposure on her polices and gain as much support as possible. The media must propagate and highlight civic duties of the citizens as a way of helping the government to shore up her resources in order to deliver to the people

‘’Gov Obiano has set an unmatchable pace in the southeast region, he must realize that Ndi Igbo are no longer limiting him within the confines of Anambra state in terms of governance as there are still prospects for him to be the desired candidate Ndi Igbo will present to the Nigerian nation in future. But this would be enhanced if he handles the successes recorded in Security, Community Developmental Programmes, Education, State Management, Agriculture, Tourism, Finances and Healthcare well'’.
Media practitioners under Independent Media Support Organization (IMSO) set agenda for Obiano Media practitioners under Independent Media Support Organization (IMSO) set agenda for Obiano   Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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