As the people of Tivi and other indigenous populations of the Middle Belt region come out openly to make their intentions known to become an independent nation state with the name Takuruku Republic in the face of this sponsored and sustained harassment, intimidation, massacre by Fulani dominated security operatives in the Nigeria security apparatus, we the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership worldwide, consider it imperative to commend those behind this bold and brave initiative. It is refreshing to see the good people of Middle Belt rise up,m for once, to the challenge of realizing why the contraption created by British merchants cannot remain as one indivisible entity. Nigeria was not created by Nigerians, even the present 1999 was not drawn up or agreed to by Nigerians. 
This bold move to liberate the Middle Belt, a region that played a pivotal role in the war against Biafra, when they fell into the web of deceit spurn by the caliphate against their Biafran brethren, is what we IPOB  have been clamoring and fighting for since 1967 till date. Dividing Nigeria along ancient boundaries for the benefit of all, irrespective of tribe or religion, is the only solution to the myriad of problem bedevilling Nigeria today. There is no other solution. The incompatibility and irreconcilable value systems of the feudal core Arewa caliphate North to the progressive, egalitarian and predominantly Judeo-Christian Middle Belt, South East, South South and South West will forever make Nigeria unworkable. 
Had Southern Nigeria been blessed with visionary leadership at the height of the nationalist fervour in the late 1950s, there would not have been any Fulani herdsmen genocide today or the Biafra Holocaust of the war era, because the core Arewa North would have existed a separate Islamic country with full compliment of Sharia law as they have always wished. More intelligent nationalists in India recognized the unworkability of a modern Indian state with the ideologically irreconcilable Hindu and Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh. They decided to go their separate ways at independence but the not so educated nationalists in Nigeria thought that oil and water can mix, how wrong they were. 
IPOB has been and will continue to be at the forefront of this noble fight to create a conducive environment for other indigenous peoples and tribes in Nigeria to have the courage to confront the Fulani hegemonic rule. We IPOB would not hesitate to support or encourage any region or people bold enough to confront the monolithic doctrine of one indivisible Nigeria. This country Nigeria is fully mortgaged and manipulated by Fulani Oligarchy and will cannot continue like this in perpetuity unless we stop this voluntary slavery. Nigeria must be divided or else Fulani people who have taken over and dominated every security agency especially army, police and DSS, including judiciary,  would continue causing chaos and catastrophe in Nigeria.
Nigeria is not working as it should be therefore everybody should come out now to stop the Fulani conquest by stealth through Fulani herdsmen before it's too late. We are encouraging other indigenous people to come up with their own agenda as the Tivi people the rest of the Middle Belt have done.