Prof Joseph Ahaneku and Prof Stanley Udedi interact with Students (Press Statement)

Press Statement 

It was an epoch making event as the biggest orientation ceremony was held at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The Orientation which held from 5-8th March 2017, at the Basil Oli Hostel, was titled: Leadership and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Education, was attended by over 7000 thousand freshmen, a positive deviation from what was obtainable in the past where attendance was often scant.

The 2018 Orientation was well attended by the cream of the University management including the University’s Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of the event, Prof. Joseph EberenduAhaneku (FAS); The Dean of Students Affairs and Host of the event, Professor Stanley Udedi; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics Professor Charles Esimone; others in attendance included captains of industries, politicians and other friends and well-wishers of the University.
Kick starting the event on the first day, the Dean in his opening remark titled the ‘Future is Now’ congratulated the new students whilst imploring them on the need to put their hands to the plow without looking back as their first year of study will be a watershed period that will make or mar their stay in the University. He further reiterated his commitment, as Dean Students Affairs, to ensuring that student studied in an ambient environment, devoid of harassment whilst their need are promptly responded to. He concluded by thanking the invited guests, especially the Vice-Chancellor for his unwavering commitment towards the welfare of students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University by means of provision of financial support and logisticsfor the event.

The Vice- Chancellor in his opening remark, expressed his delight at the huge turnout of students. In a rather fatherly tone, he commended the students for being the lucky few to be admitted of the thousands of candidates that applied to the University. He expressed his commitment towards making Nnamdi Azikiwe University a top-destination for intending students by providing the ambience required for academic excellence. He further underscored the need for the freshmen to key into the university’s spirit of discipline, self-reliance and academic excellence whilst urging them to leave behind their parochial mindset and worldview now that they were in the university. He reminded the students of the University’s zero-tolerance to cultism, exam malpractices, use of illicit drugs, indecent dressing and other vices, and warned them not to engage in such acts. He also highlighted packages put up by the University management to help students from indigent background that have verifiable financial needs. One such effort, he noted, was the Work-Aid Scheme which has over 70 students that are currently benefiting from the programme, and of which the number of beneficiary is to be upwardly reviewed in the near future.   He ended his talk by thanking the host, Professor Stanley Udedi, for his innovativeness and the passion he brings to bear as the Dean students Affairs, of which were key in ensuring that the orientation exercise was successful.

Reflecting on the Vice-Chancellor’s talk, the DVC Academic Professor Charles Esimone (FAS), congratulated the students and implored them to count themselves privileged to be in the ‘University of the moment’. His talked later delved into a concise lecture on the rules and regulation guiding academic activities in the university, to a comprehensive outline of university’s organizational hierarchy and units.

 The second day had rich mix of presentation and talks on diverse topics, ranging from acquiring entrepreneurial skills-by the Director Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, Professor NgoziAnyikwa, whose talk centered on skill acquisition by students while in school, and encouraged the freshmen to take advantage of the Centre’s capacity as a foremost skill acquisition centre to build themselves as creators of labour, especially considering the high unemployment situation in the country- to seeking medical help, security in the campus, student fee payment, sports and recreation in the University and guide on the scope and relevance of the General Studies Unit and the prerequisite courses it handles.

On the Final day, more talks were given by captains of industries and politicians who gave stimulating lectures on building social capital, students’ engagement in politics and being agents of positive change, the University ICT platform and its accessibility and many more.
The Dean Students Affairs Professor Stanley Udedi, concluded the talks by highlighting some of the measures he is putting up to ensure that students remain the primary focus of the university. One such measure being the inauguration of a Student Education Endowment Fund to help indigent students that can’t afford their tuition or living expenses, with the hope they pay back when they graduate and are gainfully employed.He inaugurated a committee that would look into how such funds will be sourced and administered in a sustainable way.  The Dean concluded by saying a closing prayer wherein he thanked God for a successful orientation exercise, and also thanked all the participants, organizers and the university community for the roles they played in making history.

Press statement office of the Dean Students Affairs , Unizik 

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