We Are not Fooled; the Stage is being Set to Quash Democracy

OCHIE Igbo has evaluated the reasons and operations set by the military authorities to stage Egwu Eke II, in Southeast Geopolitical zone. Consequently we wish to issue the following standpoints.

Gabriel Okara in one of his timeless poems stated:
 “I am like a social prophet running into my enclave, with my metal gong, begging not to be hanged.”
Consequently this intervention from Ochie Igbo is to underscore the fact that all entreaties to prevail on the Buhari administration to treat Ndigbo like human beings have regrettably failed.

While we are no longer surprised by Buhari's recalcitrance and hateful disposition towards Ndigbo, we are appalled by the grave danger posed by his accomplices. It is hard to understand how this administration gathered the most unconscionable, callous and vicious minds for the simple project of demonising and mistreating Nd’Igbo.

A recent pointer is the proposed Egwu Eke Dance II, which from its nomenclature and modus operandi shows outright disdain for Igbo culture.

Eke is a one of the most revered totems in Igbo cosmology. Its symbol and presence has never been in doubt. The choice of Eke Dance is an official demeaning our tradition by the Federal Government. This is a country where people have been beheaded or killed for the mere suspicion of disrespecting other people’s religion. This is a country where a Miss World contest somewhere in Europe claimed lives in Nigeria. This is a country where a cartoon of a religious leader, somewhere in Europe claimed lives in Nigeria. This is a country where people who don't take alcohol, encourage and promote its destruction, but benefit from the revenue generated from it. Nigeria was founded on injustice.

In the blind pursuit of Ndigbo, the FG became so careless as to make caricature of the sacred python of Igboland. But those who argue with the gods shall remain on their knees. It does appear that the army is yet to learn any lesson from the Sacred Sword of Gbaramatu, which they tampered with. We shall lead a March to the ancestral home of Ndigbo, and beckon on our ancestral python to rise from to the mockery of its sacred status. Those who want to battle with what the gods had given their chosen ones, must first battle with their tears.

The military had often used Hausa phrases to codify its special operations, until recently, when some critical minds began wondering whether it is a Nigerian Army or Hausa Army. We have had Tsaurin Tofia, Zama Lafia, Lafiya Dole and others. To now settle for Igbo religious symbol of royalty, fertility and gaiety, in the name of diversifying into the federal character, is nothing but a continuation of the disdain which the present dispensation holds for Nd’Igbo.

Moreover, the stop and search methodology incorporated in the operation guidelines is vague, ambiguous and intended to dehumanise our people. It is an assault on Igbo traditional institutions to invite the military without the collaboration of the stakeholders in the Southeast. Even the police in their diligence have a platform for community policing, which incorporates the traditional rulers. This has proven more effective than anything else.

There have been reports of mindless extortions and dehumanising torture of innocent commuters on the flimsy suspicion that as young people they owe affinity to IPOB. 

The military is usually deployed where there is war. Is there war in Southeast? Why should the FG leave out the North that has been riddled in insurgent activities for nearly a decade to concentrate on Southeast? This diversionary mechanism to paint Ndigbo as terrible people is not lost on civilised citizens and it would surely fail.

No leader has ridiculed the Nigerian army like Buhari. He has continued to involve them in the internal security operations, where their ineptitude and uncivil conducts have been writ large. That could explain why they faltered badly in Operation Crocodile tears in Niger Delta. Apart from ridiculing Igbo culture with their choice of  code name, they are bound to fare no better in Igboland.

We regret to note that under Buhari, the Nigerian army has become a shadow of its former self. Not only has the army engaged in several cases of human right abuses, they resort to innuendos and shibboleths to avoid the truth. This may be why, Amnesty International, the United States Judiciary and United Nations, continually churn out shocking data as substantial evidence of military atrocities in civil engagement.

But more distressing is the present attempt by the Federal Government to stereotype, segregate and vilify Nd’igbo as a prelude to circle Igboland as a concentration camp. It is incredible that the army should isolate the Ozubulu Killing, which is still under investigation, as part of what necessitated their mobilization for Egwu Eke II.

In the light of the foregoing, we wish to state unequivocally that as a group, Ochie Igbo is not amused or fooled by the vain tricks of the federal authorities. We know this as a truth that President Muhammadu Buhari is doing everything in his hateful mind to drag the country into another meaningless war, with the intent to spill Igbo blood once again. When his wife talked about Hyenas and Jackals, the joke was not lost on us that the present Nigerian leader enjoys the imagery of blood. In 2011 he talked about the baboon and the dog tumbling in their blood. We have endured the insolence and provocation to acceptable limits. We, therefore, call on the entire world to take serious interest in the gathering storm in Nigeria, because just as the legend reggae artist, Bob Marley said, when the approaching rain falls, it would not fall on just Igbo land!


Dr. Chuks Orji
National President - Ochie Igbo

Theo Nwoba
National Secretary - Ochie Igbo

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