www.odogwublog.com reports that All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth Movement South-East zone , Anambra state Chapter yesterday endorsed the candidacy of Comrade Tony Nwoye as the Governorship candidate of the APC in the November 2017 Governorship election.

Rising from its enlarged stakeholders meeting in Awka , the APC Youth Movement said it resolved to work for Comrade Nwoye to ensure he emerges the next Governor of Anambra state and appealed to all groups in APC to support him actualize the feat.

The communique signed by the Anambra state Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Hon Tony .U. Okechukwu and Hon Okonkwo Ikechukwu respectively, the APC Youth Movement South East, Anambra Chapter insisted that those clamouring for rejection of Comrade Nwoye are non-politicians who are either not on ground or are not from Anambra state.

The group disowned the Buhari Support Group and Coalition of Civil Society Groups who are agitating for the replacement of Comrade Nwoye, querying their motive and rational of asking for the removal of a candidate who emerged on popular vote?

They dismissed the allegations levelled against the popularly elected APC Governorship candidate in Anambra state, Comrade Tony Nwoye, saying only people with anti-party tendencies and as well as those who never wished the party well in the state that would be calling for the removal of Nwoye as APC candidate after duly being elected as APC Candidate.
The APC Youth Movement statement read thus: ‘’ We adopt Hon Tony Nwoye, a comrade at heart as our Governorship candidate since he has emerged through due process and not only reject the clandestine efforts by some party members to ensure he is dropped as the APC candidate but condemned in its entirety those championing the act.

‘’ Comrade Nwoye emerged through a due process and we observed and witnessed the primary election that threw him up and could say without any iota of doubt, that it was free, fair and credible. We condemn the nocturnal meetings to disqualify Nwoye but we warn that if he is disqualified , APC would not only loose the Governorship election but would regret ever thinking in that direction.

‘’We say this because , Comrade Nwoye is not only popular but a grass root politician loved by his people and the people of Anambra state hence he emerged effortlessly at the primary against the expectations of the money bags. The primary election of APC was successful and the candidate of APC in the November Governorship election in Anambra state is Comrade Tony Nwoye and nobody else. We reject any attempt to remove him or disqualify him in any disguise.
‘’Whatever allegations and accusations against him is not true and we cant be subdued by cheap blackmail. Tony is a youth, credible and sound hence he won landslide against the permutations. Comrade Nwoye, a member of the House of Representatives did not use thugs to win, he did not rig anybody out and we went to the wards and it was revealed that indeed , Nwoye is on ground and not a fair weather politician. He is an Iroko.

‘’They alleged that Prince Engr Arthur Eze is sponsoring him and we ask when is Prince Eze’s assistance to politicians in and outside Anambra state an issue because the Prince Eze we know does not need any government contract or anything from anybody because he is a known philanthropist. He has helped contenders in one way or the other and that should not be an issue in a transparent election monitored worldwide via Cable Television.

The APC Youth Movement South East , Anambra chapter read thus further : ‘’ Anambra North’s candidate in the person of Tony Nwoye is the best for our party , the APC and those shouting are not from our party and they are not on ground. We appeal on all APC members to support Comrade Nwoye. Nwoye did his campaign and won and was declared winner, why begrudging him in an open contest. People campaigning for his disqualification should bury their heads in shame.

‘’ They should garner their support to Nwoye to enable him win this 2017 Governorship election in Anambra state before their anti-party denies APC the chance to win. His election is the best in the primaries done in the state. Tony would change the narratives in the state if given the chance. He would listen to the poor and change their lives.

‘’The threat to go to court by the CSO’s is empty and of no effect and the Buhari support group should know that this is Anambra peculiarities and not national interest but for Ndi Anambra and should not allow themselves to be used. What is their business in nullifying APC candidate after emerging through primary election in Anambra state?
‘’We insist that there is nothing like financial inducement in that election and there was nothing like using of thugs to harass innocent delegates as alleged. There was nothing like an agreement between Prince Arthur Eze and Comrade Nwoye because Prince Arthur Eze is a philanthropist well known to us and he cant stop his philanthropy’’.