Southeast Governors Meeting with Nnamdi Kanu: A Courageous Path On the Road not Taken
says Ochie Igbo. 

The action of the Southeast Governors is a mark of boldness. It marks the beginning of a new frontier in the Southeast politics. Contrary to the permutations of political pundits and propagandists, who continue to send the dangerous impression that Ndigbo are irredeemably fragmented; by this singular act, the new leadership of the Southeast governors forum and Ohanaeze Ndigbo have shown a resolve that has never been witnessed in recent times.

We cannot continue to look down on Igbo hybrids (our youth), while our competitors erect the structure of the future on the energy, vibrance and brilliance of the youth. Nnamdi Kanu is a product of circumstance, as well as a child of necessity. Rather than chide him and his followers, we must adopt the principles eji mara Ndigbo. It is highly commendable that our leaders have exhumed, dusted and applied the quintessential ethics of Igbo socio political system, which accommodates varying degrees of opinion. This is a proof that we do not operate in the spirit of inferiority complex. 
It is great that you have not let the accolades of your office override your leadership skills. If Nnamdi Kanu had not being invited, it would have sent a very negative signal to the international community, who are already intervening in our matter. We can't be asking for fair hearing, justice, equity and accommodation from the Nigerian government, when we can't offer same to our very own. Neglecting Nnamdi Kanu would have meant that we have been intimidated by his uncommon guts. It would have given us out as devoid of intellectual content. 
The invitation of Kanu has opened the doors for intellectual engagement, prevalence of superior logic and presents the challenge of mainstreaming ideas in Southeast politics. It doesn't matter at whose instance the meeting was called. It may not matter also,if the outcome wasn't as expected. What matters most is that a channel of interaction has been opened, it should be explored to the fullest. 
The indefatigable and invincible spirit of Nnamdi Kanu, which is borne out of his passion for Ndigbo, have woken those sleeping and those pretending to be asleep; to rise to the natural call for justice, which is the foundation of the world. Though, our people are almost bleeding with impatience, however, the initiators of this dialogue have introduced a fundamental ingredient in crisis management. 

Having risen to this conscious state, Ndigbo must flock together, like never before, we must fan the embers of our ancestors, pour libations to summon the tripartite spirit of Ndigbo - The spirit of Igbamgbo, Njepu nakwa ofo na ogu. 

Arise Ndigbo, Ndigbo rise up from thy slumber and walk like sprites to assume that place that providence has ordained for you; for no mortal can stop you!


Dr Chuks Orji
National President - Ochie Igbo 

Theo Nwoba
Secretary General - Ochie Igbo