Press Release by Ochie Igbo

'No Blood of Igbo will be Spilled Again for the Unity of Nigeria' 

The attention of Ochie Igbo has been drawn to the recent statement accredited to Malami, the Attorney General of the Federation, where he tried to exonerate Yerima Shettima and other Arewa Youth members, for the quit notice issued to Ndigbo living in the North. 
Malami's comment has confirmed our earlier suspicion that the script of that press statement was actually authored by the Federal Government. It is shameful that Buhari's most recent address to the nation, didn't deem it reasonable to talk about the action of the Arewa Youths that threatened the corporate existence of this country. The world should know that another genocide looms in Nigeria. We are now more convinced than ever that there is a sinister plot to dismember Ndigbo in Nigeria, under the supervision of Buhari. No President, since the history of Nigeria has treated us so terribly. 
From denying us our constitutional rights via appointment to outright vilification. Malami's statement is a demonstration of the level of condescension with which this administration views us. Since Buhari assumed office in 2015, Ndigbo have been maligned, bruised, crushed and made to look like lesser animals. Buhari's clannish, tribal and religious sentiments falls short of a modern leader. 
If Buhari has right to chose the court order to obey, in 21st century, then, Nnamdi Kanu has the same right to disregard his bail conditions. Nigeria is not the estate of Uthman Dan Fodio, it is our collective inheritance. No tribe owns Nigeria more the other. 
Until Nigeria's intelligence community apprehends Prof Ango Abudulahi and Yerima Shettima, and try them in line with the laws of the land; an attempt to arrest Nnamdi will melt the gibberish rhetoric that the unity of Nigeria is non negotiable. 
Ndigbo can't remain in Nigeria, only to serve as barbecue for others. If it is dangerous to arrest Arewa Youth, it is even more dangerous to contemplate arresting Nnamdi. We challenge you to dare to arrest Nnamdi at your own peril. Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable. 
Enough is enough!

Dr. Chuks Orji 
National President - Ochie Igbo

Theo Nwoba
National Secretary - Ochie Igbo