CORNUCOPIA on Anambra 2017: Obiano’s wrong start with destiny by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU

Needless advising people bent on twisting history for pecuniary gains, but, I make bold to request from team Obiano to spare the incumbent Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, this unbecoming mudslinging they are bent on dragging the 2017 Governorship election into. They would be the worst hit.
I was quite aware of all that transpired before, during and after Obiano electioneering campaigns until he took over and we were pushed into the River Niger to ‘perish’ or ‘poke’. Yes! We did it! And to be able to counter Senator Chris Ngige’s ferocious propaganda and some other well paid media teams wasn’t a kid’s play. It was draining and sapping at same time.
So many hired hands from some national dailies and Social media gurus have relocated to Awka to write all manner of propaganda tool against Peter Obi and probably PDP Candidate Oseloka Obaze. Why the fear? Why stoking the embers of discord beyond limits. Again, some others privileged to be in the administration of Akpokuedike global knew nothing about Obiano’s campaign and the toughest media war, online and offline waged against him to ensure he never succeeded. But Obi made it possible by not only bankrolling his campaign but everything against his wishes.
That Mr Peter Obi now hauled abuses from all sides and corners by same Obiano and team stood his ground to ensure Obiano emerged. How he did it Obiano does not know. And his media team thought they can win the media war when it starts? The promises to us by Obi, which Obiano could have easily done were nowhere to be found and no one is begrudging him. After Obiano won, Obi thinking it was continuity as envisaged focused himself with his handover notes that by the time he was discussing our thank you message, Obiano was already being sworn in. We lost completely in the scheme but he passionately appealed to us not to haul abuses in any manner on the Governor as no one throws stone in his glass house after building it.
Then the turf was tough as issues of double registration, Auditor worldwide of Texaco, Aguleri war sponsorship, a broke man, carefree attitude, women, agreement with Sir Victor Umeh in Houston among others took center stage, talk of now that Obiano has accumulated some bags and baggage, coupled with some white lies his men tale once a month if not more. 
At a time I lost control, but it took Dr Nkem Okeke, and some others to remind me the import of what remaining home was. And considering that Dr Okeke actually wanted me around him even before he was elected as a Deputy Governor. I recall he called me before my dear wife, requesting for my partnership as he has been nominated as running mate but my attachment with the government struggling to ensure Obiano emerges in our ways never gave me opportunity to get closer. I obliged.
I could remember telling Marcel Manafa of Autoreg fame and now aide to the Governor and others of his ilk that I had nothing against the Governor but that by September, Obiano must be in re-election and by that it means I am free to do what we know how to do best and nobody would see me or us as being bought over by anybody or attacking anybody, but doing the needful to enthrone good governance and democratic processes. And when not doing that as a professional, I may be helpful in the political jingoism about to set in. My man Rojenny, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka couldn’t understand my resolve to be on my own after his efforts to draw me closer. I understood that in this administration naturally I am an outsider having been associated with the Oracle, Okwute Ndigbo. I nearly regretted that it cost me my sweet relationship with Umeh. But life needs understanding hence I didn’t make mountain out of it. I allowed life to roll and regardless of the insinuations and accusations and allegations.
I am not here to sermonize on godfather and godsons nor to trivialize issues because I have space, but to appeal to our people to make these campaigns issue based. Instead of building bridges of goodwill and mending faces to build up a strong political party, people are busy throwing stones while they are living in glass houses too. Noise making and wailing wailers won’t do anybody any good but tactical scheming and strategizing for good execution.
Obiano’s team should focus on the projects Obiano has done that gave him an edge over others and what they are doing with 2017 Budget, when we are in the ninth month. Propaganda and name calling may be good but is it against Peter Obi that is contesting election or what?  If you channel your energies and resources on the pages of newspapers fighting one who has no stake in an election and is known as a maverick politician , of what use is that? Promote your ideals and reconcile those possible and do your best so that when you win , you glorify God and when you lose, you know you did your best, and still have a relationship.
Odogwu Emeka Odogwu based in South-East is an Editor with a national daily  as well as the Publisher of He can be reached on 08060750240 or e mail [email protected]
CORNUCOPIA on Anambra 2017: Obiano’s wrong start with destiny by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU CORNUCOPIA on Anambra 2017: Obiano’s wrong start with destiny by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, September 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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