Breaking News: Anambra Traditional ruler escapes assassination attempt at IGP’s office reports that death was averted at the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris Kpotum when the traditional ruler of Amichi, Anambra state, South-East Nigeria, Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke escaped assassination attempt.

 The incident occurred on the 4th floor in front of the Elevator in the Inspector General’s office, Edet House Abuja Thursday August 31, 2017.

 The assailant Sunday Matthew Ume-Ezeoke who later was learnt to be the traditional rulers’ cousin drew a jack knife and aimed at Igwe’s neck but the monarch defended himself with his hand only for him to be slit on his right wrist. Sunday, before stabbing Igwe Ofobuike landed a punch on Igwe’s left eye which left a scare on Igwe Amichi’s left eye.

 Addressing newsmen after returning from the hospital, Igwe Ofobuike thanked God for saving his life and accused CSP Oliver Odega of monitoring unit Abuja and Chimle Joseph of aiding and abetting his attacker, adding that they are unworthy of being police officers and alleging that they specialize in thwarting justice through financial compromise.

 Igwe pointed out that but for the intervention of AIG Ali Amodu, a Northerner, that southern police officers would have connived with outlaws to maim or kill him in Abuja , having aligned with them to be dragging the Royal institution every week to Abuja and most times threaten to detain him.

He named some prominent Anambra personalities as those who witnessed the attempted murder on him in Abuja to include the traditional ruler of Obosi , Igwe Chidubem Iweka; Emmanuel Umeofia, elder brother of Eric Umeofia ; Nnadike Umeofia; Igwe's sister Nwanneka Nwakwu; two lawyers J.R Nduka and Vitus Mbah;  Chief Emeka Molokwu , the Onowu of Obosi, as well as Dr Nwosu Ibe , the Ezendigbo in Abuja among others.

 HRH Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke , Eze di Ike ogu Amichi , Onyiringugba, said he was given some first aid treatment to close the wound at the police clinic; and later visited the eye clinic for treatment for the punch to his left eye. The clinic confirmed that his left eye was blurry.

 Igwe Ofobuike therefore petitioned Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Chief Joe Nnia Nwodo; South-East Governors forum led by Ebonyi state Governor, Chief Dave Umahi; Police Service Commission led by Mike Okiro and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris Kpotum as well as the National Council of Traditional rulers of Nigeria , chairman of Northern Council of traditional rulers, His Eminence , Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar.

 Others petitioned were the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki; the chairman of South East traditional rulers council, Eze Ebere Dick and chairman of Anambra traditional rulers council , Obi Alfred Achebe among other eminent personalities in Nigeria to prevail on the police to put a stop to the incessant harassment from the Nigerian police who even denied him police protection since January 2017.

 ‘’I am asking the Police Service Commissioner and IGP to probe the anti-police activities of CSP Oliver Odega and Chimle Joseph, and other accomplices at the IG police monitoring unit in Abuja for effectively undermining the true essence of justice and for conniving with suspects to subvert justice. The willingness by the police to harass innocent citizens for financial remuneration must cease. The police should be the bane of protection for the common man. Instead, the IG Monitoring unit is now devoted to incessant harassment on behalf of the wealthy.

 ‘’My attacker should be charged with attempted murder, assault with deadly weapon, and for causing breach of peace in a police unit. My life is in danger and if I can be attacked at the Headquarters of the police and IGP’s office for that matter, then can I get adequate protection But I thank God my subjects are solidly behind me and are outraged by the incident.

 ‘’I am yet to come to terms on why Sam Okula {Former Anambra State Commissioner of Police} denied me police protection since January and aided and abetted people who thrive in evil. Imagine I was stabbed at IGP’s office? How come Sunday Matthew Ume-Ezeoke entered inside the IGP’s building with weapon? I was shocked on why a police officer, Joseph Chimle should bring in an assailant, my cousin to injure me at the IGP’s office. Joseph Chimle had the gall to inform me that he has been tracking me, and told me the route I took to Abuja and flight I boarded and forwarded the information to Sunday Ume-Ezeoke. Chimle even came with Sunday Ume-Ezeoke to see me in IGP’s building when no one was informed of my itinerary except the very rf. CSP Oliver Odega and Joseph Chimle aided my cousin in stabbing me at Force Headquarters Abuja. The opposing parties to the dispute I was summoned to mediate also helped in financing Sunday’s premeditated assault.

 ‘’I asked Joseph Chimle why he was tracking and whether I was a suspect to a crime. He told me that he had invited me yesterday to appear at the headquarters to write a statement. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I then realized that the IG Monitoring Unit was bribed to track me, and had to make up a probable cause to institute such a covert activity. Chimle and Odega, had through my PA invited me on Tuesday August 29th at about 11 am inviting me to appear at the Force Headquarter on Wednesday the next day by 10 am for questioning without stating any reason for the invite. Why should our brothers in the police force be used against their traditional rulers that every week they are invited to Abuja for one issue or the other? Is this done to the Emirs and Obas? If somebody is slapped in my palace, the police should come to the palace and conduct an investigation, not declare a traditional ruler as a suspect for unnecessary harassment. Is it not ridiculous for Chimle Joseph to say I will not go unless I post bail even when AIG Amodu and the 2IC called him to order. Oliver Odega is only collecting bribe and abdicating his police work. Trouble makers in my Community use CSP Oliver Odega to harass innocent citizens of Amichi. Police Force is known for integrity and justice not for bribery and commotion. I had previously filed complaint against CSP Odega for undue harassment. The IG has not considered the matter yet.

 ‘’AIG Amodu called Joseph Chimle and asked him to tell his superior to cease the harassment. Chimle left to go to the monitoring unit opposite that old CBN because it is no longer in the Headquarters. “When I left Amodu’s office, Sunday Ume-Ezeoke followed me to the elevator and Igwe Obosi asked him why he is troubling me? Igwe Obosi told Sunday that his efforts to get me jailed no matter who is sponsoring him won't work. Onowu Obosi was not happy with him but said he has no time for his ilk.

 But Sunday asked them to mind their business and called Joseph Chimle and was yelling at Chimle ‘he is leaving, he is leaving, hurry and arrest him.”

‘’When he felt Joseph Chimle was ignoring his order to arrest me, Sunday came physically at me. He was bull-rushing at me when he was impeded by two men, but he managed to escape the grip of those holding him and landed a punch on my left eye that instantly blurred my vision. I became angry and used my horse tail to block him but it had no effect because Sunday weights about 250 pounds and about six-foot three inches. He is a very large man. Sunday reached into his right pocket and pulled a knife and wielded it at me but for the intervention of some good policemen, he would have stabbed and killed me. The officers at the scene quickly rescued me and took me to a room for safety. The cut started bleeding profusely. My left eye was blurred and I was taken to the office of DCP Sani who ordered immediate first-aid on me. I had a puffy blurred eye. I thank God it was not damaged.  I was given a letter for my file and for treatment. Chimle was following me around. My sister Nwanneka and Nnadike Umeohia provided statement about the assault.

Confirming the ugly development in his statement at Special Investigative Police{SIP} under oath, Nnadike Umeohia also from Amichi confirmed Igwe Ofobuike was attacked by a person who later was identified as his cousin for reasons he could not explain. He said that Igwe did not do anything or say anything to his attacker. Igwe was restrained throughout the process. The attacker Sunday Ume-Ezeoke said he would disgrace the Igwe Amichi among other things he said. It is of paramount importance that security operatives in Nigeria investigate the matter to avert further occurrences, and to accord Igwe Amichi strong mobile police protection to avert such future incident. The police should apologize to the Igwe and pay for his hospital bills.
The Igwe paid for his treatment out of pocket. The police should charge Sunday Ume-Ezeoke to court and remand him to prison for a long time as deterrence. Sunday Ume-Ezeoke is a dangerous individual who is paid by his brother in the US through some so-called rich men in Amichi to attack the Igwe. The Igwe remains undeterred and still strongly rule Amichi.

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