Man runs berserk, suddenly goes naked

At Dike Street, Awka, Anambra State, a young man in his thirties for reasons that could not be ascertained, in public glare, removed his clothing one after another, until he was naked and started running towards the Ogbugbankwa end of the popular Zik Avenue.  

Shocked onlookers, who perceived the man’s action wasn’t ordinary, went after him on the busy road. When they finally caught him, he was just too strong for the men that wanted to pin to a spot. Reinforcement came; in the confusion that followed, the man was whisked away in a vehicle driven by men believed to be a vigilance group of that area who happened to be driving along the scene when the incident happened. 

Speaking to National Light, a man who saw the man before the incidence, said it was strange to him, “on my way from Amawbia to Radopin Supermarket to make some purchase, I happened into the incident. It was difficult to accept as true what the young man did, I couldn’t believe my eyes, when he went naked and ran amok. It wasn’t a good sight, I pray he recovers.” 

National Light gathered that no one knew what the cause of the man stripping himself naked was. People had different opinions of what might have caused the man predicament which some believed was a mental derailment. While some argued that it was a spiritual attack, perhaps from a diabolical relation or ancestral influence, others maintained it might have been because of Indian hemp, as the case of youths with mental derailment resulting from Indian hemp is on the increase. 

While the incident happened some people were busy taking the man’s picture, which perhaps, they intend to post on social media, an action which some people kicked against as improper.

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