Corruption in Nigeria inflicted President Buhari by Chief Modestus Umenzekwe

The visit of the Presidential Media Team to President Muhammadu Buhari in London had exposed the bare faced lies of some moribund PDP’s megaphone members who are dancing naked.
The visit has exposed the opposition and their cohorts of the kind of thoughts that ruled Nigerians for 16 years. President Buhari’s ill health is nothing but the monumental heap of corruption that he met when he assumed duty. Those things had inflicted uncalculated shock on him, because when he took over office what was in that office called Presidential office was startling to say the list. Former President Jonathan saw the monumental heap of maladministration that this Nation was facing which was caused by his administration.
Look at the Power Sector alone where over 11 trillion naira was spent and yet nothing came out of it until now we are seeing the glimpses of power supply. That is part of what is giving Buhari ill health. Look at the findings in the Ministry of Petroleum where a woman accumulated wealth of over three nations joined together. Are we talking of local debts in trillions? What about road infrastructural decay? Today the entire Apapa in Lagos is being closed down for one year for full reconstruction of infrastructural decay there. The road network is in shamble up to Tincan Island Ports. The entire nation road infrastructure is in a very, very deplorable situation. That is why the proponents of restructuring of Nigerian are always mounting pressure.
But of course if everything was handed over to Buhari neat, he wouldn’t have been ill everybody is playing politics on. When people are talking about change in a most derogatory manner I laugh at them because the true meaning of change is nothing but creating a very congenial atmosphere in the state administration. What has Buhari inherited from his predecessors; capital nothing. Where are the following National institutions?
1.    Nigerian Airways
2.    Nigerian National Shipping Line (Where is the 282 missing Vessels?)
3.    The National Electric Power Authority that was fraudulently privatized with all the infrastructural therein, what are the benefits the nation derived from such privatization? Today all the national Structural Patrimonies of this Nation namely;
1.    The old National Assembly Complex at Tafawa Balewa Square
2.    The National Stadia
3.    Tafawa Balewa Square
4.    The National Arts Theatre
5.    The National Secretariat
6.    NEMASA
7.    The Nigerian Telecommunication (NITEL). All have gone into oblivion. They are either sold away or completely abandoned to decay. The NITEL house which is one of the tallest buildings in the continent as I learnt has been sold away. The entire NITEL structure all over the country is in total comatose. All these have been in existence before President Buhari came in. The NITEL house was built during the era of Brigadier David Mark (former Senate President) when he was the Minister of Communication. That octopus Ministry had been completely destroyed by the past administration. If Chief Olu Akinfosile (late) who was the first Minister of Communication comes back to life he would be shocked at what has happened to the Ministry he established.

Look at FESTAC Town in Lagos that housed the second Republic Legislatures is in total shamble. The area has been taken over by giant kidnappers and other allied terrible robbers. Those decays were created before the last administration came in. Today they are gathering momentum again ostensibly for their purported takeover of governance in 2019; that will never come to them. They are all day dreamers. Those iniquities are capable of inflicting very serious injury on whoever inherits them (as it is happening to President Muhammadu Buhari).

This is a tip of the ice berg in the record of the monumental failure of this nation. Are we talking of the time when oil was being sold at $100 per barrel? Look at the outcome of the mismanagement of that proceed. Go to Banana Island, private estates are adorn all over, and Abuja. Billions of cash are stashed away in different parts of the country. Even some new monumental estates in Lekki, Abuja and other parts of the country inclusive of the $20 billion being queried by the for Governor of Central Bank now Emir of Kano, the past administration has not been able to give any clue. Tomorrow you ask of what Buhari is suffering about in London.
The issue of Boko Haram was treated with levity. Billions of dollars allocated to fight Boko Haram was shared away until Buhari came in. People are now asking question if Boko Haram has been defeated without minding the position of the issue before President Buhari came in to rout them.
Recently a close friend of mine called and sent me a picture taken at the dreaded Sambisa Forest now turned into a Tourist area. Of all these some people up till today have that scandalous joy of Buhari’s ill health inflicted in him by the mindless past administrations. On the PDP where some of the political torn coats amongst them and their former jamboree called non-elective office convention; they were jeering APC that our great party cannot organize ourselves or hold a national executive committee meeting or electing Board of Trustees; at least you know that Chief Tony Momoh the veteran journalist of note, the Chairman of APC Board of Trustees; otherwise if there was not National Executive Committee how come the twelve APC Governorship aspirants in Anambra State were cleared. So what I say in effect is that those monetary loop holes through which PDP milked this nation to a standstill had been blocked. It is no more business as usual during the time of PDP. I don’t want to discuss the characters of those who are disseminating false information on the health of our amiable President. Such people existed during the era of the revered First President of Nigeria the Rt Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (The Owelle of Onitsha). At that time the same death rumour was carried on Zik, several of them even went into electronic media houses to announce false purported Zik’s death, some even were appointed Secretaries and Chairmen of burial sub-committee. As God would have it then one of my good friends, who was sent by Owelle’s first son Chuma Azikiwe got to Onuiyi Heaven Nsukka to ascertain the authenticity of the news met the great sage (Zik) and one of the former military Governors of the old Anambra State who was there with some of his Commissioners with Zik. Zik full of life ushered them in when he came out from his library. When my friend gave Zik a publication of his purported death published by one of the South West tabloid, Zik after reading through the whole thing laughed hilariously and exclaimed “I shall attend the funeral ceremony of those people” and that exclamation came to pass. So those who are at the background mocking Buhari and claiming he is under life saving machine, may God have mercy on them. On the issue of those who are supporting demonstration of RETURN OR RESIGN, I am grateful that the National Assembly has cleared the air by saying that President Buhari is staying in London in line with the provisions of the section (141) of the Nigerian Constitution as amended.
I remember when the revered Permanent Secretary Alhaji Ahmed Joda who during his tenure in office Nigeria Federal Government Colleges now Unity Schools were founded of which the present Chairman of PDP Caretaker Committee Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi was a student at Federal Government College Enugu said and I quote “apply constitution in Buhari’s case” – Ahmed Joda. Be it known and assimilated today that President Muhammadu Buhari is always a constitutionalist and he is full of life.
Umenzekwe is an APC Chieftain and wrote in from Lagos via [email protected]
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