QUIT notice: MASSOB demands immediate return to Igbo land from North -----disowns Uwazuruike, says on Republic of Biafra it stands

 www.odogwublog.com reports that Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) has ordered for immediate return to Igbo land by all Ndigbo resident in the Northern Nigeria as their lives are more important than their precious wealth.

MASSOB as well disowned the leader of BIM, Chief Ralp Uwazuruike’s appeal to Northern youths not to implement their quit notice threat on Ndigbo.

MASSOB in a statement by Comrade Edeson, Director of information MASSOB said they are not interested on those shouting for restructuring of Nigeria as they are only interested on actualization of an Independent Republic of Biafra.  

The statement read in part: ‘’The northerners believe that Nigeria belongs to them and that is why they opposed 2014 national conference, when other regions are agitating for restructuring Nigeria, the north said 'no'.

‘’There main aim was to take over the seat of power at all cost because they are afraid of President Buhari's health. They plotted a coup and the coup got exposed, they decided to use the quit notice order against Ndigbo to create confusion in other to use the military to take over the government like June 12.

‘’ Using Alhaji Yerima Shetina, the leader of Arewa youths and his group, Alhaji Yerima Shetina said that Uwazuruike is friendly to the North.

 ‘’MASSOB has been vindicated, when we said that Uwazuruike has betrayed Biafra, some people misunderstood us. MASSOB wish to remind Yerima that Uwazuruike whom he usually visits at Owerri is the leader of BIM not MASSOB because Uwazuruike was expelled from MASSOB over two years ago.

‘’Biafrans should understand that Uwazuruike and his (BIM) are Northern allies and that was why when others are condemning the threat by the Northern youths against Ndigbo, Uwazuruike travelled to Kaduna pleading with Al. Mustapher and Yerima Shetima to accommodate Ndigbo because of the agreement he has with Nigerian government.

‘’He also campaigned against 30th May sit at home order. MASSOB has nothing in common with Uwazuruike and his (BIM). Today, MASSOB has a vibrant dynamic leader in the person of Comrade Uchenna Madu who is working tirelessly with other genuine pro-Biafran agitators.

 ‘’Raph Uwazuruike should not be addressed as MASSOB leader or member. Yerima Shetima, Al Mustapher and Ibrahim Abacha are the men the Northerners used and lured Uwazuruike but the North should know that Biafra is bigger than Raph Uwazuruike. We have thousands of Nnamdi Kanu and Uchenna Madu in Biafran land who cannot compromise their believe in Biafra or cannot be bought over by Nigeria government. Ndigbo cannot be intimidated. Those agitating for restructuring or Igbo presidency are on their own.

‘’MASSOB commend the courage exhibited by the Governor of Ekiti state, His Excellency Ayo Fayose and former Minister of aviation, Mr. Fani Kayode. These men are the only voice crying in the wilderness against injustice but our Igbo brothers especially those in Nigerian politics are afraid of arrest.

‘’ We the Biafrans will resist the born to rule or born to conquer syndrome by the north. We are happy because Nigeria is like old cloth, there is no amendment that will make the old cloth to be renewed or strong.

The statement concluded : ‘’Ndigbo shine your eyes, your life is more precious than wealth. Return to Biafran land now before it's too late’’.
QUIT notice: MASSOB demands immediate return to Igbo land from North -----disowns Uwazuruike, says on Republic of Biafra it stands  QUIT notice: MASSOB demands immediate return to Igbo land from North     -----disowns Uwazuruike, says on Republic of Biafra it stands   Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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