Igwu Dr Martin Eze of Igboukwu calls on Ndigbo to have a rethink and invest home


Traditional ruler of Igbo-Ukwu, Augusta L.G.A. of Anambra state H.R.H. Igwu Dr Martin Eze has commanded the governor of Anambra state Chief Dr. Willy Obiano for his land mark achievements within his three years in office. The Igwe who made the remark. While briefing Journalists in his palace also stated that the governor has acted creditably without discrimination “A good leader is expected to show good examples”. Igwe Eze said that when he was at Aba, Abia State as a Local Government Chairman 1993-1994 there was equitable distribution of values. He usually used his money for welfare of the people.Igwu Eze emphasized that the government has performed well in the first tenure, like somebody sowing seeds he should be allowed to sow his seeds and harvest it.
If you request somebody to harvest the seeds, he or she can make mistakes”
He advised Anambrarians to act in Christ like i.e to show love to the governor and give him unflinching support to enable him realize his set goal.The Igwe observed that there were various people with different gins.
The Igwe Eze said that N20 million naira choose yourself project initiative of the state government is commendable and right steps taken in the right direction.
On the bad conditions of our major roads he observed that there are needs for good drainage that can help to control flood. Now that politics will be coming up, the Igwe advised the public to maintain peaceful co-existence by playing politics without do or die affairs. This is because the entire worlds are looking at us; unfortunately Gods endowed wisdom is turning negatively. It is high time we should look in words and know what to do.
He disclosed that it was not easy and emphasized that the whole worlds are looking at us to go down the memory lane. If people can come together and allow love and peace to reign, it will be alright. The Igwe noted that their mission is divine. He emphasized that a leader is an ordained figure of God.
The Igwe referred in his published book career guidance and counseling and disclosed that if you take a tanker driver and substitute to an Aeroplane pilot you have mixed it. He observed that most of us are endowed with much values. The IDU II of Igbo-Ukwu emphasized that the Housa who killed Nammar and us, “we were giving chances of uniting both people”.
Igwe Eze noted that our Naira was @ N480 as against 1 dollar. He disclosed that he went to Nebia – an Islamic country. Maman Gadafine said Africans should unite. Unfortunately after three months he was killed. He wondered why we cannot distribute our assets equitably. Igwe Eze stated that Gadafi brought out wealth and it was utilized. We warned that it is high time our people should unite, connect people and put them in the right direction. The Igwe regretted that our currency will not improve when our mineral resources.
Natural oil, Petroleum oil is being taping away by unpatriotic elements. “We pay a lot of money to travel there for visa”. The Igwe calls on the immigration department to rise up to their challenges. He also disclosed that the artifacts were located. Igwe Eze stressed need for think home philosophy. Mean while he has attracted many Federal and state government establishment in Igbo-Ukwu such as:- Black Arts and Culture Igbo-Ukwu, National Gallery of Arts, National Yam House, Botanical Garden & State Museum. Skill acquisition Centre on going at the Museum. The former skill acquisition centre was at Obiuno and more are coming. Free medical service among others. From those establishments he influenced many indigenes of the town, some of which he sent to abroad for further training and latter changed their position from saul to Paul.
The Igwe also stated that he discovered Ogba-Ukwu cave and water fall at Owelle Ezukeala when he went to exploration. The government has not discovered it. If the government will approve it as recreation and tourism centre to entertain children it will be alright. There were treasures that were hidden in our people. He highlighted the need to encourage our people to develop their skills.
Igwe Dr. Barrister Eze emphasized that “Udala”- Breadfruits, “Onugbo” – Bitter leave etc help our body organs to develop and very nutritious. He urged all to encourage their consumption.       

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