Obiano Caught Pants down on Denominational politics


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His Excellency,
Chief Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike),
Executive Governor Anambra State,
Government House,

Your Excellency Sir,

We write to you as a coalition of associations under the umbrella body of "Anambra Unite Against Denominational Domination". Without prejudice, the cries of non-Roman Catholics and Liberal Roman Catholics in Anambra State have reached its apogee and only a rational, equitable, just and fair understanding of Roman Catholic brothers and sisters of conscience like you will see the immediate need for remedy.
In 2013, when Anambra voters cast their votes for you, they were exercising their civic responsibility and right based on your pedigree as a technocrat with enviable track record. Anambra voters trusted you for who you are and your potential to leave the State better than you met it, not dominated by your Christian religious set - Roman Catholicism. To God be the glory, you have been found wanting and have shirked from your executive constitutional responsibility to do justice to all men irrespective of their creed. A cursory look at your political appointments reveal gross injustice, marginalization, discrimination and callous disposition towards Anambrarians of especially non - Roman Catholic denomination. The statistics are so shocking that we decided to attach it as an annexure so that you may not only be convinced of the Justice of our case but also that you may convict yourself and quietly withdraw from the race. We are not insinuating that you are

the cause but indeed, we are of the opinion that you have failed to recognize and appreciate the voting power and capacity of non — Roman Catholics that trusted you with their votes without denominational prejudices.
Since 2003, except for an interregnum of ninety days, Roman Catholics have held executive power in Anambra State i.e fourteen uninterrupted years in a stretch. If you are permitted to do another four year term, it will translate into eighteen years. Power corrupts but absolute power not only corrupts absolutely, it also leads to impunity. That is the reason why in the space of a little less than fourteen years, knowingly or unknowingly, there is incontrovertible evidence of Roman Catholic ization of every position of authority in Anambra State to the gross exclusion and disadvantage of non-Catholics - this is a negation and shame to the appellation of our dear State as the "Light of the Nation". Denominational domination is a subtle form of neo-colonialism that has institutionalized itself in the political and economic space of Anambra State. Like all neo-colonial machinations, the Catholic domination presently is become Roman fascism, influencing government decisions from conception to implementation to the discriminative exclusion of innocent and unsuspecting non-Catholics, and resulting in the promotion of mediocrity.
Your Excellency, we are not oblivious of the fact that power is not given but taken; it is fought for, and that we are ready to fight if you do not heed our timely warning to quit on account of equity, fairness, and good conscience. Consequently, we are presently engaged in sensitizing, mobilizing, organizing, andcollating data based information of eligible non - Roman Catholic and Liberal Roman Catholic registered voters domiciled in Anambra State. The result thus far are both overwhelming and confounding as it is shocking to find that Roman Catholicism with all the might of your government shall be most damningly crushed at the forthcoming election. And, never again shall our people be so secretly manipulated by a few against the overall interest of the majority. You may let some of your overzealous advisers and confidants, who out of self-preservation and crass greed, urge you to dare us.
We have reached out to every person of substance, interest groups, political parties, Religious leaders and opinion moulders, and they have all subscribed to the engaging rationale for actualization of our vision. Our vision is to project, promote and produce in alliance with Liberal Roman Catholics and consensus builders hi Anambra State, a governor of non Roman Catholic fanatic denomination come November 18,2017.

As a socio-political organization, we call on you, and do solicit your executive support for the actualization of this vision - the election of a non -Roman Catholic Governor in the forthcoming election, and to whom you will handover with such security and assuredness of soft landing as against the long knives that are drawn against you in the event of a political fight which you may not survive. Our appeal for cooperation is predicated on equity, fairness, justice, and good conscience, and this will portray you in the bright colors of true Statesmanship who has respect for the sensibilities of his people, and ready to redress through personal sacrifice of his constitutional right, the unconscionable, vicious, and subtle denominational discrimination perpetrated for almost fourteen years in the areas of appointments, promotions, and elections into various offices in Anambra. We are resolved that any attempt to perpetuate Catholic domination of the governorship position further shall send the wrong signal to non-Catholics who are presently on the receiving end, and this will lay the foundation for a possible schism in the political cum economic firmament of Anambra State. Those canvassing continuity for Your Excellency should be prevailed upon by you to see reason for a rethink.
The people of Anambra State are projected to be the beneficiaries of this gesture whose primary aim is to save all of us from our own collective wickedness of discrimination in whatever guise. We are therefore canvassing a permanent cure for the unfortunate political content of denominational domination: a vicious cycle that does us no good. It is also projected to create the desired enabling free environment devoid of discriminative inclinations whilst enhancing consensus and harmony in the pursuit of political ambition by all and sundry.
Our belief, Your Excellency, is that an error does not become a mistake until correction is refused. As the number one citizen of Anambra State, you are compelled by the responsibilities of your exalted office to be gracious, understanding and magnanimous even in matters that conflict with your personal interest. We do not expect any less from you. Most mortals in your capacity and disposition can seldom accept the simplest and obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them admit the falacity of conclusions they have already reached perhaps with great difficulty, conclusions which they may have proudly espoused to those around them, and which they have woven, thread by thread Into the tapestry of executive imagination, and or day time hallucination.
The instant case may be considered one of hypothesis, but that is a mistaken assumption, and we urge you in all magnanimity and for overriding public good, to withdraw yourself from the INEC schedule November 18, 2017 governorship elections, and transmute yourself into an all-time great leader who conquered

himself. History beacons at you, and it remains the harshest judge of the actions of men. Be reminded Your Excellency that "whenever there is unity and solidarity among the oppressed, the oppressor becomes the prey".
Accept, please Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest esteem.

Yours Faithfully,

For: Anambra Unite Against Denominational Domination.

Apostle (DR.) Jeff Onyeamalu.

Chief Anthony Ojemba Chigbo.
General Secretary.

Cc: The President, Commander-in- Chief,
Aso Rock Villa,

2. National Security Adviser.(NSA)
3. Director State Security Services. (DSS)
4. Inspector General of Police. (IGP)
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