Igbo Clergymen knocks Obiano out for 2nd tenure


Gentlemen and ladies of the fourth realm. "The truest test of integrity is the blunt refusal to be compromised" apologies to Chinua Achebe.
International Centre of Igbo Clergy and Anambra Unite Against Denominational Domination bluntly refuse to be compromised on the critical issues of discrimination in employment, appointments and promotions as currently practiced and perpetrated by the All Progressives Grand Alliance government in Anambra State under the Executive watch of His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano - Akpokuedike Aguleri:- Governor of Anambra State.
John Locke in his epic treatise on "Political Power" theorizes that the obligation of government is to make greater happiness available to a greater number of citizens; concluding that any government that fails in this primary responsibility should be changed through elections or other means. Governor Obiano through a well thought out and religiously implemented policy of discrimination based on denominational bigotry have succeeded in making happiness available only to members of his Christian religious denomination and clansmen.
It is amazing that in Anambra State today, that prides herself as the "Light of the Nation", criteria for appointments, promotions and or employment are your religious denomination or Aguleri nativity. It is not about competence, capacity and or experience. A cursory look at appointments, promotions and employment made by His Excellency since assuming power hi March 17, 2014 paints a disappointing but graphic picture of the denominational bigotry that

reveal the personality of Mr. Governor. They are either Roman Catholic or from Aguleri. This is not acceptable to those of us who in 2013 voted for Chief Willie Obiano on the basis of the fact that he is an accomplished banker and technocrat not his Christian religious denomination.
Our collective resolve is that it is the turn of non-Roman Catholics or liberal Roman Catholics to produce the next governor. This resolve is predicted on the fact that Roman Catholics have been in power since 2003 except for an interregnum of 90 days and more so because absolute power corrupts absolutely.
We call on all political parties contesting the INEC schedule November 18, 2017 governorship elections to ensure that only people with liberal orientation that can carry all denominations along emerge in the interest of equity, fairness and good conscience.
Discrimination in whatever guise or design in governance in Anambra State must be resisted by all promoters of equal opportunity.


Apostle (Dr)  Onyeamalu
President ICIC

Chief Anthony Ojemba Chigbo
For: Anambra Unite Against Denominational Domination
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