The POP STARS OF THE 70’s Life in Awka , Anambra state

The Funkees originated as an army band after the civil war. The band came together in 1969 and performed as Funkees for the first time at Durumba Hall at Nkwerre.
The original members of the band were:

Chyke Madu ( Drums), Berkly Jones ( Lead Guitar) and Pat Moore Ohaeri (Keyboards) joined from the group called the Figures which metamorphosed into the Sailors Navy Band, Oguta. Murphy Lee (Bass) joined from Hykkers. Marcel Davis, (Band Manager) and Harry Moscow (Rhythm Guitar) joined from Celestine Ukwu Band, Bill Iyke (Singer) joined from Admirals in Awka.

The name “Funkees”came about from the popular genre of that time—“Funk” with a double “ees” added to funk. James Brown, Otis Reddings and Percy Sledge had the early influences on the music performed.

The Funkees maintained their original lineup even after the war as they left Nkwerre to Owerri as the 3rd Marine Commandos’ Band, Jake Solo (Fractions ), Mike Collins (Drums) joined the group after the War . Before the band left Nigeria to Europe, Enugu Dayspring was home to Funkees . As Aba was where Funkees settled to music business before the export to Europe.

By the time they relocated to London in 1972, Funkees was closest to achieving the dream of becoming "the next Osibisa." Unfortunately, after just two LPs and a couple of 45s, the band broke up in 1977.

Most of the members -- Jake Sollo, Harry Mosco, Mohammed Ahidjo, Chyke Madu and Sonny Akpan--remained active in the London music scene, doing session work, recording their own albums aimed at the Nigerian market at home and abroad, and supporting visiting Nigerian artists.

The Funkees will again perform together on stage... at the POP STARS OF THE 70s “Resurrection” Concert also Featuring:

* Foundars15
* Sweet Breeze
* Wings
* One World
* Semi-Colon
* Apostles
* Sokey Ohale
* Wrinkar Experience
* Aktion
DATE: Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017
VENUE: Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, Anambra
TIME: From Dusk to Dawn

Don’t Miss this Unforgettable Night of Fun and Nostalgia!

• Prizes to be won by best 1970's dressers, dancers and singers from the audience.

• Tickets are available at:
√ Shoprite (Onitsha, Asaba, Owerri)
√ Roban Stores (Awka and Enugu)
√ El Dorado Event Centre, Owerri Road, Aba

For Sponsorship Call:
~ Ernest ⏩ 0803 395 3677
~ Ngozi ⏩ 0806 330 4605

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