Robbers kill family of 3 in Imo reports that the spate of armed robbery killing in Imo state on Sunday continued as the dare devil robbers killed a man, his wife and their only son after dispossessing them of their belongings.

According to an eye witness, the robbers were said to have trailed the man who was returning from a church service in his Lexus 330 SUV vehicle to his apartment at Number 4, Nekede road.

As the witness further narrated, the man was led into his living room on gunpoint and requested him to bring all the money he had in the house.

But when the man returned with N70 000, least expected by the robbers they ordered him to bring more, the man was said to have pleaded, insisting that was all he had at home for the weekend.

While the man was pleading, his wife who was also in the living room with them began to cry ,begging the robbers to spare her husband. Her plea rather infuriated the robbers who shot her dead.

At this point, the man who has been cooperative with the armed men lost his control and inquired why they had to shoot his wife. The callous robbers again shot the man and just about escaping from the scene, the robbers saw the son of the couple climbing down the staircase after hearing the gunshots.

The young man about 22 years of age was also shot dead by the robbers before fleeing.
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