Obiano has not abandoned Ukpor , says Ukpor Youth Organization reports that Ukpor Youth Organization (UYO) in Nnewi South local government area , Anambra state has said that it is untrue that Anambra state Governor, Chief Willie Obiano has abandoned the community.
 Anambra state Ukpor Youth Organization stated that it is totally not true that Ukpor has nothing to show or to be happy about under the government of His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano.

A press statement made available to  in Awka signed by Mr. Nkwado Onwughalu as Chairman/President Nkpor Youth Organization and Apostle Chuks Ezemazi as Secretary, Ukpor Youth Organization said Obiano has done a lot in Ukpor and still doing.
They said Ukpor youth organization is non political and non partisan and uses dialogue and negotiation as its hallmark.

The Ukpor Youth Organization copied the petition to His Excellency, Dr. Willie Obiano, Governor, Anambra State; HRM Igwe F Onyimadu, Nwajiaku VI, Igwe Ukpor; Col. Anthony Ogunna (Rtd), President General Ukpor Improvement Union and Rt. Hon Rita Maduagwu, Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly as well as Hon C.I.D. Maduabum, former Member of Representative and prominent citizen of Ukpor.

It added: ‘’the entire peace and security in Anambra State is a dividend enjoyed by every community and everyone in Anambra State. Because of the safety of lives and property private sector investment has grown in Ukpor, more sons and daughters of Ukpor have come home to invest in businesses thereby creating employment in Ukpor and growing the economy of Ukpor but the writers of the said letter are probably too ignorant to realize the multiplier effect of security so as to count it for gain.

The government of Anambra State led by Chief Willie Obiano came up with a Community development model that is being copied across the land when it gave N20m to every community in Anambra to inject into projects of choice in each community – Ukpor elected to build market stalls to boost commerce and that project is there for all to see, the government we are aware is set to release additional N20mthis March and Ukpor again will benefit.

‘’It is very pedestrian and a cheap tale to say this government has done no single road in Ukpor since it came to power; to address the issue of roads; if this writer had bothered to attend meetings of the Ukpor Youth Organization or indeed Ukpor Improvement Union he would have been better served as he would have real information on the activities of government.

‘’The Afor-Ukpor – Umunuko – Amihe –Afor Ilo Ozubulu road that the writer so hysterically talked about is by no means abandoned. Work was done on that road in December 2016 and is continuing, a trip to the Afor-Ilo Ozubulu end of that stretch will convince anyone in this regard, as the contractors are working from that end towards Ukpor. We are aware from our constructive engagement with relevant stakeholders in government and outside that there was even a recent release of funds for the project.

This road in question was attracted through the hard work of our representative in the Anambra State House of Assembly and who incidentally is today the Speaker of the House, Does this misguided writer feel thatthe completion of this road project is more important to him than to the Honourable Speaker whose baby it is? The misguided writer has unimpeded access to the Speaker and one then wonders if he had ever bothered to find out the true position about the road.

‘’The entire Ukpor community is aware of her stellar efforts as a legislator and herproactive approach to affairs of her people. It is on record that she has tangible achievements in all the 4 towns that she represents and the entire constituency has nothing but love for her. From our consultations we know about the efforts of the Rt. Honourable Speaker in attracting roads, in empowering her constituents, in sourcing jobs for her constituents (human capital development) we are also aware that she has through her dexterity ensured that work on the General Hospital rehabilitation will commence with the first phase in Anambra State as soon as the funds are available.

‘’……..we are not averse to anyone making a living, what we are saying vehemently is that absolutely NO ONE will use the platform of Ukpor or Ukpor Youths to threaten anyone no less the Governor of this state. No one MUST denigrate the office of the Governor hiding under the banner of Ukpor Youths.

‘’It is no gain saying that since the said publication about 90% of the claimed signatories to the piece have come out to denounce it and say they never signed nor attended any meeting where such resolution was made, it is obvious that the so called Ukpor Youth Movement is a briefcase creation of one man for himself and his hatchet jobs; for where is it that a Youth Organization of an entire town is convened by one man who calls himself The Convener?

Ukpor Youth Organization (UYO) in Nnewi South local government area yesterday Anambra state said it remained the only body recognized by the Ukpor Improvement Union (UIU), the Town Union Government of Ukpor and therefore disowned a body parading itself as Ukpor Youth Movement.

Ukpor Youth Organization said it remained the only legitimate body to speak for and on behalf of Ukpor Youths and that it was set up under the town union government of Ukpor (UIU).

The statement read in part: ‘’Our attention has been drawn to a certain publication circulating in the social media and some mainstream media titled “Speaker Anambra House goes tough against Obiano” with a subtitle “OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR WILLIE OBIANO OF ANAMBRA STATE, IS UKPOR NOT PART OF ANAMBRA STATE” purporting to originate from a body addressing itself as UKPOR YOUTH MOVEMENT.

Ukpor Youth Organization frowns at the publication and totally condemns the publication mentioned above as it does not convey the feelings and disposition of Ukpor Youths towards the Government and Governor of Anambra State.

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