Mothering Sunday for my Mother, Elizabeth Ijeoma Odogwu, nee Okoye a.k.a Queen-Queen

Tomorrow, Tuesday 28th March, 2017 is my birthday. I am 40 years old. I never knew I would be 40 having died 9 times before now but God saw me through. Where shall I start to tell my story? Is it my spinal cord injury at Urban Secondary School, Abakaliki, fighting Agaba, who was fifteen times my size? I lifted him three times but on the fourth, the spine cut and to your tents oh Israel? All those jeering for the fight, disappeared? Is it the great fall that knocked me off inside a Church for over 6 hours at Okpaugwu, hilltop, the same that killed the wife of Chief Poly Emenike of Neros Pharmaceutical fame.
Is it the high jump out of a storey building simply because Nigeria overcame USSR in 1989 U- 21 world cup quarter finals as Nigeria later won by 7 to 5 after a 4 goal deficit? The frenzied jubilation got me out flying out of our storey building at Number 18 Awolowo street, Abakaliki. Is it the drowning at an unkempt swimming pool at Hotel Presidential Enugu when I swim Rivers like Ebonyi River and River Niger sort of with easy? I would have gone as Chinagolum , our best brain at Nawfia Comprehensive died in a swimming pool during his Industrial Training to become a Geologist of first class rating or so?
Yes, I was doing magic and my colleagues were busy clapping for me when I was on a mission of no return, thanks for Marshall and Nonso who came in to show me they can do better than I did and I held one. His struggle to free himself brought the needed rescue.  Is it the sack from The Nation newspapers after some commendation, that was most unfortunate, somebody that calls me brother, Public Relations Officer of Federal Polytechnic Oko under Prof Godwin Onu, Obini Onuchukwu Obini wrote alleging all kinds of rubbish that I was after his job, asked him to employ my wife which he did not do and demanding N10 Million from him and this and that? He connived and demanded for my sack? The Nation sacked me without proper investigation, but simply my story which they refused to use appeared commendably in The Sun unfortunately with my bye line. The Sun Editor who called me more than 20 times to save his job then which I did till today never called me again to find out how the man he facilitated his sack fared. All friends and foes alike abandoned me because I had no medium but I invented Odogwu Media Communications of which one of its arm is . That sack later turned a blessing in disguise but men of little faith would have done something mischievous or strange then. I thank God I always ask for His Grace in all I do.
I know I was upright at least in that reportage having investigated those allegations and contacted the Polytechnic for their reaction hence they knew about the report and planted informant to know the date of usage. Obini later denied I never called him unknown to him that MTN has facility of recovering discuss on phone, I uploaded his voice. I shamed the devil. I still stand on my story because it was well investigated. Though he has apologized in passing, and I have forgiven him, even confessed he did it to get at me since I was the only one doing my duties as enshrined in the constitution as fourth estate of the realm, it is my story any day. Obini killed me but I refused to die and have survived it too. What remained was physical attack? Today, ICPC is arraigning the Rector at Chief Judge’s court Awka and refunds have been made to Tetfund justifying my story of anomalies in the institution. Yes, the staff of the Polytechnic Staff school are in agony over years of short change and non-payment of their salary, even unjustified sacks, God is watching for everything there is a reason and purpose?
Is it the accidents at Zaki Ibiam, Benue state and others or the sudden major surgery where I nearly passed out at Septon medical center Awka manned by one of the best surgeons, Dr Emma Emelumadu even when I have never been sick in the past 20 years to say the least? Is it the snake attack where over 30 snakes, Cobra for that matter, surrendered me at noon in the middle of my father’s farm on a rock enclave where I went to pluck pepper?
Is it the two times open cult battles at Federal Polytechnic Oko and Ufuma campuses that left everybody suspecting me as having acquired some charms?  Is it the deliberate poisoning of my drink that led to my swollen stomach for weeks like Kwashiorkor patient? Is it the deprivation we suffered collectively to the extent I became adventurous at a tender age and would have paid dearly for such? I was not deterred at all, but focused on what I wanted to become. At last school paid off, even though the dream job of being a medical doctor eluded me as well Medicine.
What would my mother have done without me? I have taken good care of her in the last 17 years and married her real good in the past 10 years. I love my mother, that innocent, nice , unassuming , and quiet Nise woman that is more popular than the traditional ruler of Amanuke kingdom right from her marriage day.
Before she decided to shelve her popularity sequel to one or two ugly incidents, she is known by almost everybody, young and old as her nick name and name Queen-Queen reverberates especially when she adds, ‘O munachi’ meaning I am the one in control or I am the one leading’’ against the fancy of some. To her it was fun but to those people she is confronting their sensibilities. A story for another day. She was born the first time Queen Elizabeth 11 visited Nigeria.
So, let me spare you the story of my life like my cobbler days, motor conduct days and all that today until I have the right inspiration to do it but count it all joy that God’s grace and favour is upon me that all those who toiled to eliminate me for nothing failed because God has said no to their plans , if not I would not live to see 40. And should I die today by whatever means , I am grateful to God to have given me some beauties of life at a young age even though I live for others most of my life, hence my motto remained suffering and smiling, put succinctly ‘’pains temporary , pride forever’’. My pains have always beget pride hence I count it all joy for whatever little assistance I could muster for others.
My mother meant everything to me. When she was a Sunday school teacher and later nursery school teacher, she handled other’s children as if they were hers. I could remember and as a seamistress , she never had any problem with anybody. My father , Samuel Agunwa Odogwu despite being a disciplinarian Headmaster for years was known but my mother was famous. I think I took after her as virtually everywhere I go people call my name.  I give glory to God.
In my journalism journey, I have tried everything possible to maintain all sides of the coin and truly I may have stepped on toes but not out of malice but in course of professional journey. Truth has remained my watchword. I can say the only person I offended in my 16 years of active journalism is Adama Nri, Chief Shedrack Onuorah Mbanefo who I interviewed and he said wonderful things but never got published till today. After his interview, I went in for an unscheduled surgery and stayed for days in hospital returned and forgot to keep the documents before they ransacked my house in the name of cleaning it. I lost the jotter to clean up. Aside him, I had written all interviews, and all kinds of assignments I attended, no matter how little, invited and uninvited.
My mother married my father some 41 years ago. They met at Umunze, Orumba South and I was delivered at Umunze too. As I celebrate all mothers , daughters, sisters and all wives especially my darling Angel , Madam Obialunamma Esther Odogwu , nee Nwadiogbu from Awka town who was so lucky to have the love I showered on my mother transferred to her, I pray for safe delivery of our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives as there is nobody like them.
This years’ Mothering Sunday, and Easter as well as my Birthday are such a coincidence hence I write to all mothers wishing them, Happy Mothering Sunday once again and happy Easter in advance while I celebrate tomorrow. God is great!

Cornucopia is a weekly column of ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU in The Authority Newspaper. Odogwu can be reached on 08060750240, or via e-mail [email protected]

Published in The Authority Monday 27th March, 2017
Mothering Sunday for my Mother, Elizabeth Ijeoma Odogwu, nee Okoye a.k.a Queen-Queen Mothering Sunday for my Mother, Elizabeth Ijeoma Odogwu, nee Okoye a.k.a Queen-Queen Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Rating: 5

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