In Biafra nation, no enslavement, no colonization - Uwazuruike reports that leader of Biafra  Independence Movement, BIM, and founder of Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB,  Chief Ralph Uwazuruike has stated that in the emerging new Biafra nation, no section of the country would suffer enslavement or colonization.

He emphasized that Ndigbo would continue to work together with our brothers in the Niger Delta region until we realize the much agitated Bafra Nation where slavery, oppression and marginalization would be non-existent.
Uwazuruike who spoke through the Biafra Director of information, Mazi Chris Mocha, added that the relationship between Ndigbo and people of Niger Delta including the ijaw nation  still remained cordial.

He contended that through their past efforts, Ndigbo have proved beyond all reasonable doubts to their enemies that Ndigbo and their brothers in the South South region can stay together and work together.
According to Uwazuruike, “The emerging New Biafra nation won’t enslave any section or colonize any tribe. No  part of Biafra territory shall be treated as slaves. In Biafra land, every person shall be treated equally and above all, there won’t be anything like majority or minority".
Uwazuruike maintained that our Memorandum of Understanding, MOU signed on May 8, 2004 between the Great common-wealth of Niger Delta, GCWND leaders and MASSOB has not been revoked”.
He cautioned Ndigbo not to destroy MASSOB or BIM which he single-handedly formed for them to be the new Igbo champions, stressing that when he started the movement in 1999, the name Biafra was abhorrent to our oppressors and it came at a period when no Igbo man had occupied any important position in Nigeria.
He observed that through non-violence and non-exodus principles of MASSOB/BIM, Ndigbo have succeeded in occupying some highly placed positions like Minister of Defence, Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Comptroller-General of Immigration, while still awaiting our total independence from Nigeria.

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