Confusion rocks Orumba South APGA over Caretaker committee----as former Deputy Governor Sibeudu weeps for APGA reports that tension is brewing in Orumba South local government area chapter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State over who becomes the Chairman of the Transition Committee of the council area in the purported transition Caretaker committee to be constituted by Governor Willie Obiano.
APGA members in Orumba South alleged that Governor Obiano accepted a candidate Mr Ray Onyegu who just joined the party four months ago from an Umuchukwu born Medical Doctor, Dr Godwin Maduka. They said Onyegu was a PDP man for donkey years and should not start with leadership of the party members as Transition caretaker committee chairman.
The party members insisted that if such happens that Obiano will never return for a second term in office as the man does not merit to be in the list as a member of transition not even to talk of Chairman of the Transition committee.
Members of the APGA family in Orumba South for the fear of victimization rather chose to speak off camera but were unanimous on their stand that Governor Obiano should drop Mr Ray Onyegu for another party man especially those who have suffered for the party. noted that APGA members insisted that Onyegu failed to win common President General election of his community Umuchukwu as he got 10 votes out of 249 votes despite being sponsored by Dr Godwin Maduka, whereas Luke Chukwu not sponsored by anybody got 224 votes to clinch the President General position.
‘’We are pleading that you don't allow that to happen because it will negatively affect the forthcoming Governorship election in Orumba-South. We the people of Orumba-south need APGA faithful who can be made the Chairman of the Council. We are interested in Akpokuo's second term bid but will resist any imposition by the Umuchukwu born Doctor as the said candidate of his, could not even win the President-general election of his community’’, the APGA stakeholders in Orumba South stated.
They were surprised that Mr Onyegu was allegedly boosting that since Dr Maduka put him in to be transition committee chairman, just four months in the party , that nobody can remove him again.
APGA members appealed to Obiano not to make the mistake of appointing Mr Onyegu simply because of Dr Maduka as election is about popularity not about having billions in one’s account.
APGA members at that meeting lamented that key APGA members were being sidelined from the party for people who have no electoral value and appealed to Obiano to ensure the party is one before going to the election as all those who have suffered for the party but abandoned since by incompetent leaders of the party at the state who do not have interest of Obiano’s second term at heart may work against the party if the neglect persists.
The party members were saying Umunze High court has been taken away from them allegedly to Umuchukwu sequel to a building Dr Maduka built for High court already commissioned by Obiano and now he wants to foist a candidate boosting that nobody can remove him since Maduka has endorsed him.
However, when contacted  on his view, the State Assistant Legal Adviser of the Party, Mr Izu Nwankwo , a lawyer declined comment as he insisted Obiano remained the Governor and would do whatever he deems fit and he supports him in whatever decision he takes.
‘’I don’t have an opinion over that because Obiano remains the Governor and has right to run his government and we are supporting him’’.
As if in the same place when contacted , the Orumba South local government Chairman of APGA, Hon Okafor Oliver Tambo  said he was not aware that Mr Ray Onyegu was selected to be Chairman of the Transition committee as the Governor has not told him. He said the Governor after all has the overriding interest on who he appoints into any position and therefore needless to challenge him.
But when contacted , the former Deputy Governor of Anambra state under Peter Obi, Emeka Sibeudu wept over the poor and unwarranted treatment APGA leadership in Awka was giving him as a party leader in orumba South, as according to him he was never consulted in almost everything they do in his local government.
He reminded that he has been in the party politics in the last 20 years of which 18 was active for him having sponsored people in different political posts and wondered why his opinion should not matter in his local government but vowed to show his true colour during the elections if the mess continued till elections.
Sibeudu said” the only thing I can say is that since the state Chairman and his team decided to remove me as a party leader, I am keeping quiet. I have been 20 years in the party and somebody who entered APGA yesterday should be considered as Transition committee chairman, he is not qualified to be transition committee chairman but no problem , let us wait until election day.
‘’I am still a figure in the party sine 18 years and I have sponsored people but if they feel they are in Awka and they can do whatever  they like, let them go ahead, no problem.
Although , Mr Ray Onyegu’s phone was not connecting as at the time of filing this report, an associate of Onyegu at the meeting who chose not to be named said , Onyegu was just being playful and never meant any harm as the propaganda being mounted against him. He said though he supports those who have suffered for the party to be in charge of the transition , he would give Onyegu every support if the Governor wants him to be Chairman of transition whether Dr Maduka’s candidate or not because somebody must be somebody’s candidate.
The stakeholders would be at the Governor’s lodge Amawbia tomorrow while the Governor celebrates his 3 years in office to iron it out before it degenerates.
They insisted they would not take boasting from Onyegu that Dr Maduka has concluded with the Governor to make him Chairman Caretaker Committee of Orumba South when he was just about five (5) months old in APGA.

Confusion rocks Orumba South APGA over Caretaker committee----as former Deputy Governor Sibeudu weeps for APGA Confusion rocks Orumba South APGA over Caretaker committee----as former Deputy Governor Sibeudu weeps for APGA Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, March 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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