Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka from Umueri takes over from Obiano as Governor ---as Anambra traders endorse him reports that with the endorsement of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Zonal Youth Leader , South-East, Sir Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka from Umueri Anambra East local government area of Anambra North by traders in Anambra state under the auspices of Anambra state Amalgamated Traders Association stakeholders and Elders, it appears Governor Willie Obiano has lost the re-election campaign. reports that Paul is actually ready to take over the mantle of leadership from the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano and he did not mince words in saying so.

 The Man Paul

The traders at fact finding visit to the Sir Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka , a Member Board of Trustees (BOT) ANPP defunct and currently a member of the National Executive Committee member, NEC APC assured him that all the traders in Anambra state would campaign for him since they have seen an alternative to Obaino.
Sir Paul is the Group Managing Director/ CEO, ValuePlus Group Abuja, Nigeria even as he consults and represents several companies outside Nigeria here including Sekure ID Miramar Florida, USA  , HID GLOBAL, (MAKERS OF AMERICAN GREEN CARDS) Minneapolis, USA, and  IDS-NEXT Bangalore, India, among others.
The traders who were leaders and former leaders of various markets and product lines in Anambra state vowed to stop at nothing but ensure Sir Paul emerges as next Governor to complete the 8 years of Anambra North which Obiano has failed their expectation.
They were led by 10 prominent market leaders including Chief Stephen Offor and Sir E.N Okafor among others and each spoke at the event eulogizing the qualities of Sir Paul.
Accepting their endorsement as a candidate for the APC governorship election in November 18th 2017 election, Sir Paul challenged them to avoid lip service and eye service filled with praises without action. He challenged them to ensure they work for his progress to first emerge as the flag bearer of the party then join forces with him to canvass support for the APC during the election.
He appealed to them to ensure voters stop selling their voters cards and as well spread the gospel according to APC inside the markets since greater population of the state citizenry  who are eligible voters are inside the markets.
He pointed out that although he is a knight of the Roman Catholic church, he would be governor for all devoid of religious colouration and urged them to support his ambition sincerely to emerge Governor and develop the state.
Furthermore, reports that Sir Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka assured he is capable and better qualified than all the other candidates who are his friends also aiming to be the candidate of the party as he has remained a loyal party man as a founding member of APC after they collapsed ANPP to form APC wondering why those who change party like wrapper should be better candidates than himself.
He said although Obiano  is his friend and brother , he has failed the expectation of the state as he has failed on the focus of governance and leadership, which he has come to restore and govern the state well, even as he asked God not to allow him win if he is going to disappoint. He decried a situation a leader should be lying for his people.

A first class graduate of Philosophy from UNN and PhD student as well as Law student insisted that he is a credible candidate and have all that it takes to campaign to be governor of Anambra state appealed to the people to see his ability and capacity to govern , lead and give governance rather than on the ongoing propaganda governance obtainable in Anambra now even as he said security has elapsed since at 10 pm , everywhere becomes deserted.
He encouraged Ndigbo to invest at home as 70 percent of property in Abuja belonged to Ndigbo while 65 percent in Lagos belonged to Ndigbo , same across the federation.
Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka from Umueri takes over from Obiano as Governor ---as Anambra traders endorse him Chukwuma Paul Chukwuka from Umueri takes over from Obiano as Governor ---as Anambra traders endorse him Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, March 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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