On a yet-to-be determined date in 2017, people of Anambra state, South-east Nigeria will be filing out once again to elect a governor for another four years. This governor will be saddled with the responsibility of continuing with the massive infrastructural developments which have resulted to the huge transformations witnessed in that state in the most recent time.
These landmark achievements have been greatly attributed to the sheer positive, well focused administration of the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano, who everyone readily acknowledges the fact that he has performed creditably well and deserves to be reelected into office in 2017.
Unfortunately, few political gladiators are currently out to ensure that these unmatched achievements of the Governor are completely reversed. These elements; we have found out, are working day and night to deceive the good people of Anambra state into committing a major political blunder of easing out Obiano in 2017.
Some of these spoilers who are driven by mere party loyalty and sole ambition to replace Obiano at all cost have also refused to see any sense in allowing the governor to complete the programs he has for Anambra people. They have become blinded by their selfish desires while embarking on malicious campaigns aimed at dethroning the governor.
While we do not seek to rival these gladiators in their inordinate ambitions, we are however of the view that one does not change a winning team in the middle of a competition. In 2017, Anambra people must not make the costly mistake that will slow down the already accelerating progress in that state. People of good will from across the South-East and beyond must come together to ensure that this does not happen and that our people are guided to vote wisely.
It is against this backdrop that the South-East Coalition for the Re-election of Governor Willie Obiano was born. The Coalition as a non-partisan, non-religious, non-ethnic group of patriots who are seeking to enthrone good governance in the South East zone believes that the landmark achievements of Governor Obiano which have today placed Anambra state among the few self sustained states in the country are of pride to the entire South-East, and not Anambra state alone.
Anambra state is a miniature Nigeria and home to all citizens of this country. Large majorities of the Hausas, Yorubas, Ibibios, Ijaws, etc, do their businesses in Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka, Ihiala, etc. The political narrative of Anambra state therefore cannot be complete without the involvement of these stranger elements that have lived all their lives in the state. This is why this Coalition operates beyond the Anambra boundaries with its leadership drawn from all tribes, most especially people from the five South Eastern states.
There is no doubt that Obiano has become the new face of leadership in the South East. This is why the project of reelecting him has become a collective one for the zone and beyond. If major indicators for delivery of democracy dividends such as infrastructural developments, agriculture, security, education, health, regular and prompt  payment of salaries to workers, provision of conducive atmosphere for trade and investments, etc are anything to go by, then we boldly say here that the governor has done very well and deserves to be returned.
We are not forgetting few years back when kidnappings, broad daylight robberies, assassinations, etc were orders of the day in Anambra state. Many Anambra indigenes escaped the state and refused to go home. Some were even contracting traditional marriage rites of their children outside the state. Today under Governor Obiano, lives and properties are safe. People go about their businesses without fear of intimidation. Citizens now have reasons to sleep in their homes with their eyes closed. This is because Willie is working and Anambra state is safe under him.
The governor has shown enough commitments, focus and determination to deliver on his promises. His cool headedness, humility and humane dispositions have endeared him to the hearts of the people, especially the top businessmen and very important personalities that spread across the state. He is not known to have engaged in any major quarrel with any of them and this has brought about the relative peace and security the people today enjoy in the state.
As a man that believes in dialogue, the governor has been on mutual consultations with his people, both home and abroad on his reelection bid. We are happy with the remarkable supports and approvals coming out from these tours. As a Coalition, we cannot less agree with these good-spirited people of Anambra who have equally seen reasons with us to champion Governor Obiano’s second term reelection drive. We believe that the governor still has a lot to accomplish in order to permanently keep Anambra state in the world map of one of the most progressive states in Africa.
In this December therefore, especially this festive season,  the Coalition is continuing its consultations and dialogues with major stakeholders in Anambra state and beyond, and with the Governor, on the needs to work together for the governor’s reelection purely on the merits of his achievements as governor these three and half years in office. The tour which will include leaders from both indigenes and non-indigenes of Anambra state will be led by our leader, Senator Annie Okonkwo.
We shall organize Town Hall meetings where stakeholders and the people shall be deliberating on salient issues aimed at achieving peaceful and smooth reelection process in Anambra come 2017. All progressive and good spirited people of Anambra state are enjoined to join this moving train and answer the clarion call of returning Gov. Obiano to office in 2017.
The Coalition wishes Anambra people merry Christmas celebration and prosperous new election year in advance.

Nze Elvis Agukwe
(National Coordinator) 

G.O.C NWADIKE (Mmirindu)
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