Re: Lady bleeds continuously after following rich man to hotel------Mr Chukwuemeka Augustine Ozulike a.k.a Obele’s side of the story

 The online story on and some other online platforms which apparently copied from targeted at destroying my hard earned reputation in the past 42 years was like killing the fly with a sledge hammer. I say this because, I have no known enemy and had no issue with any woman married woman or single.
The Facebook account through which this disastrous post was made was allegedly opened on 26th of November, 2016 and has only one post, targeted at destroying me. The lies spread like wild fire. The question is who is after me and what was my offence?
My problem was that I work very hard and by the mercy of God, I found favour n His sight by His numerous blessings in my life. To the glory of God, I have never used God’s blessings in my life against anyone.
I am married to a beautiful lady so why should I trouble the lady which Dian Chelsea’s Facebook account claimed that I drugged, and violated her sexually for ritual purposes.
I am a devout Christian and have never indulged in any criminality or immorality. I know nothing about the allegation and I challenge the said anonymous lady to be bold enough to open up bout the purported ordeal by first mentioning her name.
I was shocked when friends drew my attention to the publication captioned ‘’Lady bleeds continuously after following rich man to hotel’’, written by one Adams Odunayo of and posted on Tuesday November 29th, 2016 which was widely circulated. The post claimed to have copied the story from Chelsea’s facebook account. Chelsea posted it on her facebook on 26th November by 5:36 pm.
The narrator claimed I started sending texts to the girl from the moon, invited her, drugged her and raped her after which she continuously bled, yet she could not say her real name or mention relevant places and settings that would make her story believable. 
A little search on Dian Chelsea who almost 100 online platforms quoted as having posted the write up, shows the account was created a few hours to posting the story and the account holder purportedly attended St.Charles Sec Sch which is an all boys school. Unless,  the purported Chelsea’s account wasn’t hers but a pseudo used to malign me.
Why on earth would go online and publish such image denting report about me and even post my photographs from my facebook without due authentication and verification of said story, and/or even hearing from me.  And since the site mentioned everything about me but continued to hide the lady’s identity, there is nothing to make out of it but outright persecution. Reactions of people showed that many still reason beyond rhetorics as some concluded even without hearing my side that the story was one sided, even though such things happen. 
Let me state categorically that after reading the report, I was disgusted by the level of unprofessionalism shown by the writer and the medium he used to disparage my person for nothing.
Now mentioned all my names and all my data, yet the woman I purportedly molested has no name and no address. The hotel I took her to had no name and address.
The question is why would the girl in question be unnamed? Why would Chelsea or her friends use her to continuously share this libelous story against me. The girl was unnamed and would not want to be seen yet my name was scandalized by the writer and by extension, the gullible few who believed the imaginary publication.
Which hotel did she visit, so we could go and check their guest log and guests? And who is the girl so that she could explain more of her agonies in my hands? To her or him, they have succeeded in destroying my reputation but there is God who judges everyone according to his or her deeds. I leave everything in the hands of God.
These fifth columnists named me, mentioned my community Akwa Village in Ifitedunu, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State and published my photos without hearing my side? I ask , what is it that the sponsors of this malicious publication set out to achieve against me?  I guess my business scattered all over Onitsha Main Market is my sin? It is not my fault that the Almighty God has rewarded my untiring efforts over the years. writer said and I quote:  “The abused girl pleaded for utmost anonymity but summed up courage to share her story which she believes is going to serve as an eye opener for young girls in our society……….
Of what purpose was her story which was lopsided and targeted at destroying an innocent man? For the records I hardly sleep in hotels. I do my business transaction and rush home to my beloved family. I have nobody to keep me further outside to warrant all these scandals. If not for the sake of my loving wife who believe in me, the interest of the writer was not only to scandalize me but to tear my peaceful home apart. But God has a way.

For the record, I am not a member of any secret society or cult group and would not wish to be associated with one. I have never troubled any girl on phone to warrant this. If this girl who claimed I called her repeatedly could not reveal her identity, why would she use her friend who purportedly claimed gave me her number to ridicule me and protect her?
If my intention for calling her as she claimed which has now been proved wrong, why not expose me directly by inviting the security and raising alarm which she would be ready to put evidence forward to shame me permanently? But she hides under the cloak of anonymity and was busy rubbishing my image.
She called me evil and criminal yet came to my hotel room which is where? And what was hers? What a cock and bull story making nonsense of the journalism I know of. I don’t even know the meaning of drugging somebody and had never thought of that. Why would I administer that to a stranger? 
Why would I rape a girl that walked up to me on trust? Why would I rape a girl in this 21st century when I could buy myself any quality and quantity of girls I desired if that was my problem?
Hear  “She cried and later left in shame because she never planned to give this beast her cookie just yet. Getting home that evening, she noticed she was bleeding. Being a young girl, she thought it was her monthly flow but the bleeding continued. She tried to reach the bastard on phone, after several missed calls; he neither picked nor returned her calls. At that point in time, in the midst of the bleeding, it just dawned on her that this man had used and possibly dumped her……….
Was this scenario painted above not enough evidence to engage security agents to get me to confess? Was the scenario not enough to call in the security agents even that of the hotel or even simply raise alarm? Shame would not let her do the needful but it would allow her use online platforms to put ridicule to my integrity and that of my family and relatives.
Was the abnormal bleeding not enough to motivate her to seek redress against my wickedness and expose me? Why wouldn’t she cry out publicly without scandalizing my name just for the sake of mere porridge? People would have learnt what she wanted to teach if she had not mentioned me. I was worried that she kept her own image and name sacred as holy child she claimed to be but made my own name public yet I had never had such encounter in my entire life. I see this as an act by an envious man claiming to be a woman to rattle me, but for what gain?
The legality and otherwise of this malicious piece is a subject matter for other arms of government not the fourth estate.
Listen to her again according to the narrator: ‘’She decided to cry out to the public to help her pass this message across to Emeka Augustine Ozulike ( aka OBELE) to come and undo whatever he did to her while he drugged her in his hotel room………
I would be pleased to have this young girl come at least to prove her innocence that her mission wasn’t to tarnish my own reputation then confront me with the allegations and have my answers. I bet there is no such girl and that story never existed but was concocted to deal with me. Please wherever you are, I am waiting to be summoned to undo whatever you claimed I did to you if only you know me and have met me. I am not saying it was a mistaken identity because my photos were copied. Assuming my photos were not copied and my village not mentioned, I would be saying what a coincidence of name. But this is pure wickedness and evil minded ploy to dent my own reputation especially now that Christmas is very near.
I, Mr Chukwuemeka Augustine Ozulike a.k.a Obele is not a ritualist and would never be. I restate that I am innocent of all the allegations and I am ever ready  and willing to submit myself to any enquiry anytime needed. May God judge me and these people who have chosen to ridicule me without justification.

Re: Lady bleeds continuously after following rich man to hotel------Mr Chukwuemeka Augustine Ozulike a.k.a Obele’s side of the story Re: Lady bleeds continuously after following rich man to hotel------Mr Chukwuemeka Augustine Ozulike a.k.a Obele’s side of the story Reviewed by Unknown on Friday, December 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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