Return of Nkwo-Nnewi triangle to the community has vindicated me --- Traditional Prime Minister

Reactions have continue to trail the handing over of the ancestral Nkwo- triangle back to the Nnewi community by the Anambra state government years after it was allegedly forcefully taken over by the administration of Mr Peter Obi, in this chat with Authority, the Nnewi Traditional Prime Minister, Barr Ofili Nwosu barred his mind over the latest development and some other issues. Isaac Ojo brings the excerpt:

Chief Ofili Nwosu who unarguably was the first person to speak against the forceful take over of Nkwo- triangle, Nnewi said that the news of the return of the ancestral land came to him as pleasant surprise.

"The development has vindicated me, you may recall that I was the first to speak against the forceful take over of our ancestral land by the administration of Mr Peter Obi. I said in many fora that the government has no right to take over our landmark which contains certain spiritual elements that portrays Nnewi.

"Without the Nkwo Nnewi square, as we have in other communities and climes, the history of the industrial town of Nnewi will not be complete. Everything concerning Nnewi has its root in that square. It is a place we can boldly say that it belongs to Nnewi people in general. Once that square is no longer there, then it becomes to your tent oh Isreal.

The traditional prime minister of Nnewi who attributed the return of the Nkwo-Nnewi triangle to divine providence said God is indeed interested in keeping the community together.

"God who created Nnewi has prevented a situation where everyone will run to his tent, if Nnewi want to break, it would follow a peaceful process, it is something that would be discussed. Nobody is against anybody seeking self determination.

He however said that it is an aberration for people who are not from the industrial town to take over the communal land because of business interest.

"It is totally unacceptable for individuals no matter how strong they think they are to move into that strategic land just for selfish reasons and start causing disaffection among the people who have always live together in peace, nobody has the right to take over heartland of a town for selfish purposes.

Chief Ofili Nwosu commended the Anambra state governor, Chief Willie Obiano for taking the bull by the horn, by returning the ancestral Nnewi land back to the community after it was taken over by his predecessor.

"I thank Gov Willie Obiano for his wisdom, he has shown love to Nnewi people, when the news came, we thought it was a joke but eventually, it turned out to be true, we just pray and hope that this miracle would be properly documented by putting it into writing so that the community can know the next step to take.

The Nnewi traditional prime minister while commenting on the implication of handing over an un completed shopping mall project to Nnewi community said emphatically that the town can boast of people that can put the mall to use.

"I was in Awka the other time when Robans Stores opened a shopping mall in the state capital, Nkwo-Nnewi triangle is just suitable for that, the facilities around the place, like road can upgraded and expanded.

"If we give the land to a person, Nnewi will then discuss with the person who can pay off what government has invested in the project, you will agree with me that the triangle is not suitable for Oil and Gas. It will benefit us more to now hand it over to an Nnewi man but the community may decide to set up a committee to manage the mall. But wisdom demand that Robans be allowed, the argument of the quarter he comes from should not arise now. That would be naive and negative.

"Shopping mall is the only business that can be cited in the Nnewi square and the place will still be neat, we should forget about selfish interests and consider the common good of Nnewi. A concourse was about to be set up in the triangle at a time but some people raised eye brow, that was before the government took it over, they even went to court to stop it.

"Let's see whether we can come together again as one because certain people used that opportunity to carry out their sinister motives, they claimed that the traditional ruler of Nnewi, Igwe Dr KON Orizu 111 sold that land but the latest development has vindicated the royal father that his hands are clean.

Reminded that the return of the land to Nnewi community may have some political undertone, Barr Nwosu said it does not matter.

"Whatever motive that is behind the handing over of our land back to us is not important, the most important thing is that we are getting our land back, the governor has been so good to Nnewi.

The traditional prime minister also stressed the need for the community to embrace Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour as they can not do anything without him.

"I want Nnewi people to acknowledge God in all things, not Ogwugu, not ocultic men, there is just one God and he is the one who sit on the circle of the earth beholding the people like grasshoppers, God created everything for his pleasure, Nnewi people must make God happy.

"We must trust him and lean not on our own understanding, God is God and there is none beside him, his name is Jehovah, we will do well as a people to him the center of our existence.

Pix : Barr Ofili Nwosu, Nnewi Traditional Prime Minister

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