Orient Daily Staff, Anih Nnaemeka's life threatened by Mr. Uzoma Echeazu

Anih Nnaemeka
Odoagba Layout
November 14 2016

Mr. Uzoma Echeazu
Odoagba Layout


Following the lingering friction between both of us regarding my tenancy on your property situate in the address first above written, I have sought legal advice and consequently wish to inform you as follows:

1.    That the oral agreement between me and you to the effect that I vacate your property at the end of November 2016 still subsists and remains legally enforceable; your refusal to accept the sum of N5, 000.00 being the fulfillment of my own obligation in the agreement notwithstanding.

2.    That this latter agreement supersedes all previous agreements and renders the recent 7-day quit notice unenforceable. Only a court of law can decide otherwise.

3.    That I expect and trust in your prudence to follow the due process of the law in taking further actions regarding the current situation and will not resort to self help as witnessed last year when you arbitrarily placed my room under lock and key without any regard for the Tenancy Law of Anambra State and all legal norms of seeking civil redress known to the Nigerian law.

4.    That I have noted your threat of using a certain colonel in the Nigerian Army to intimidate and/or forcefully eject me from your property upon my failure to honour the 7-day quit notice; but be duly reminded that only a court of law is empowered to enforce an ejection and that no military personnel is empowered to intervene in any civil dispute and that since this matter is no criminal case no police officer has the right to intervene. The matter can only be settled in a civil court.  Both the military and police authorities have repeatedly issued this warning to their respective officers, and you may kindly recall the last week statement of CP Kaula of Anambra State Command restating this position. 

5.    That I restate my commitment to honouring our agreement that I quit at the end of November while hoping that you also understand the need to honour same as well as act within the confines of the law in whatever action you may want to take in the circumstance.

Thanks and be always assured of my highest regards.

Sincerely yours
Anih Nnaemeka

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