Confusion as Anambra women reject Obiano's re-election overtures ----hirelings endorse his second term in Awka reports that the Anambra state governor, Chief Willie Obiano thinks he can persuade women in the state to embrace his re-election bid by making rice and other items available to them, then the governor should start thinking of another trick as the women have made up their mind to reject the alleged Greek gift associated with the second term bid.

Though Obiano and wife Mrs Eberechukwu Obiano succeeded mobilizing paid women from the 21 council areas of the state under the auspices of Anambra Women of substance to assemble at Alex Ekwueme Square to perfect his endorsement in alliance with some traditional rulers and political aides, the real women politicians insisted Obiano is going nowhere.
As they were being endorsed in the open by hirelings, the other women group rooted in Anambra politics were busy  perfecting plans in the same venue that would never see Obiano back to Government House. They were making converts and explaining why Obiano would not return in an event they were paid to attend.

The spokesperson of women numbering about two thousand, Mrs Ifeoma Mbachukwu said the Alex Ekwueme square function was a hoarse as they have decided but queried if she would ask women not to come and participate in a largess from the state first family even when they are not doing well in office.
Mbachukwu said that the era of giving women peanuts and bags of rice to get their support for election is over.

She said further that Anambra women will endorse the right material for the office of the governor at the appropriate time because according to her the incumbent governor has totally failed womenfolk in the state.

"We cannot forget in a hurry how women were harassed, humiliated and intimidated by the agents of Chief Willie Obiano in Onitsha over furious claims of relocating them from one market to the other.

"Women have been paying all manner of levies in all the markets in Anambra state to the touts the Anambra state governor has empowered to extort money from us, these unscrupulous individuals are still doing their business not minding Obiano's so called broadcast stopping it.

"When roads are not fixed, women become the biggest losers because they are the one who move round a lot to buy things in Onitsha which would be resold in some other parts of the state. All the roads that were motorable during Peter Obi's administration have become death traps in the administration of the day.

"Chief Obiano promised us in his inauguration speech that his government would have zero tolerance for potholes on Anambra roads but today our experience under his watch has proved otherwise. He is not building new roads and he is equally not constructing new ones, how can we support that kind of administration to continue?

"Our children are still paying all manner of levies in public schools under different kind of guises, yet the state number one man is pretending not to be aware of this ugly development." She alleged.

Mrs Mbachukwu said that women will not play the role of entertainers again during electioneering campaigns where they dance and share food but would make a demand and infact make whoever that is going to take over from the incumbent to enter into social contract with the people based on charter of demand that would be presented to the aspirants.

She reminded that many of those shouting Obiano's praises cannot win their wards during elections and do not know any grassroots politician by name.
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