Prosecuting Boko Haram bloodhounds and swapping Chibok Girls By Polycarp Onwubiko

The legal maxim which contends that “Justice delayed is justice denied” is applicable to the deliberate delay by the APC-led federal government in prosecuting and executing the captured Boko Haram insurgents. The captured master-minds of suicide bombings and serial killings of the impulsive blood-hounds should never have created room for delay in their prosecution and execution as rightly done in Chad and Cameroun.
The immediate prosecution or even summary execution of the captured mortal enemies of Nigeria could have soothed the harrowing trauma of their victims and shortened the time to rout and reduced the huge cost of the war. The failure of the Federal governmentto fast-track the prosecution and execution of the captured blood-hounds, taking due cognizance of the grave insecurity of Boko Haram’s amazing temerity and brazen intrepidity, depicts in bold relief that the Northern Moslems aka, “the feudal caliphate”, have a lot of questions to answer to satisfy other ethno-religious groups in Nigerian.
Starry-eyed Nigerians are dazed and have since been wondering aloud why the captured religious fundamentalists who have wasted thousands of lives and wreaked havoc on public and private property, have not been brought to book. This shocking and awry posture of the federal government of Nigeria is in utter contrast with the realistic position in the neighbouring countries of Chad and Cameroun where the religious fundamentalists and insurgents did the same thing but the captured ones are prosecuted and executed without delay. When the former Chief of Army Staff [COAS], General Ihejirika[a southerner] was about to rout the religious blood-hounds, the Northern Moslems includingGen.MuhammedBuhari[before he was elected President], were reported to have wondered aloud why Gen. Ihejirika “was killing our people”.
In addition to the awry and even seditious comments and developments quiet unexpected from certain Nigerians who were looked upon to encourage the former brave COAS to crush the insurgents in a record time, the arrested Boko Haram insurgents who bomb places of worship and sundry public places and institutions were allegedly treated as potentates in the detention facilities with choice foods.
For instance when the Boko Haram detainees were brought to Ekwulobia small prison in Anambra state, other detainees allegedly leaked the information that the costof their food is about one thousand Naira per meal;while the normal prisoners’ food that cost one hundred naira. Who is fooling whom in this apparently accursed Nigeria? Prison officials never denied the newspaper report. Apart from being fed and treated like VIP’s, the prosecution and expected conviction and execution of the master minds of the bombings were never taken serious; of course, the cases might have been dumped because Nigerian laws are for the southerners only as the Northern Moslems are sacred cows! For instance, the rampaging Fulani herders with AK-47 killing, maiming and raping Christians are not being arrested and prosecuted; who is fooling whom in a country where there are different strokes for different folks! While the IPOB leader is still been detained contrary to the order of the court, arrested Boko Haram members are released for phantom reasons and supposedly rehabilitated to perfect their plans for future devastating onslaught.
It is against this sad and ruinous back-drop that the current shenanigans of the federal government in considering the weird suggestion of the Boko Haram to swap the “Chibok girls” with their captured members is out-right non-sense. An intelligent reading of the swap has revealed that the subtle manipulations in prosecuting the insurgents were deliberate. If these felons were immediately and diligently prosecuted and executed, who will now be talking about swapping?
It is shameful that Nigerian leaders have always been a butt of wry and bawdy jokes in international arena due to their crudity in the art and craft of governance. How would the civilized countries and the leadership of international institutions perceive Nigerian government when  Chad and Cameroun have immediately prosecuted and executed the murderous religious fundamentalists and insurgents while Nigerian government treat them like VIP’s; only to consider the silly terms on swapping of the Chibok Girls.  Recall that the Principal of the girls’ school who defied the WAEC order not to recall the girls for examination due to insecurity was not made to face the wrath of the law because she belongs to the sacred cows in the accursed country.
Mr. Onwubiko, wrote via [email protected], AwkaAnambra state

Prosecuting Boko Haram bloodhounds and swapping Chibok Girls By Polycarp Onwubiko Prosecuting Boko Haram bloodhounds and swapping Chibok Girls By Polycarp Onwubiko Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Rating: 5

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