Orijin: The secret behind Nigeria’s favourite 100% natural drink

Over the past year there has been a commendable amount of buzz about this new drink. It is seen in the
hands of the young and vibrant, in the presence of elders as they share words of wisdom and on tables surrounded by promising youth aspiring to fulfill the African dream. Orijin, the first brand to provide a ready-to-drink bitters beverage with no artificial sweeteners has created a versatile drink that fits into every African setting.

One of the most encapsulating things about the beverage is the both natural and native taste of the drink. Characterized by its unique blend of African fruits, natural herbs, and alcohol, Orijin has been successful in winning its way into the hearts of Nigerians. The brand represents Orijinality, patriotism, national pride, and cultural enlightenment, which are pertinent in this age of diversity and globalization. It encourages people to embrace and celebrate who they are and where they’ve come from at every given moment.

In order to reinforce their core sentiments, the brand recently held an event which unveiled Africa’s largest drum at the National Theatre in Iganmu-Lagos marking another monumental moment in the history of Nigeria’s rich culture.  The present brand ambassador Reminisce also known as the Alaga Ibile, which can be said to mean ‘son of the soil,’ or ‘home grown’ led the unveiling.  Celebrating Nigerian culture through music, Aduni and Reminisce aroused the crowd with their synergized duet. 

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is behind one of Nigeria’s favourite drinks, it is their ability to harness Africa’s orijinal, rich and unforgettable culture in a drink.  You can join Orijin’s social media community HERE and share what your first encounter with the drink was like. You can also stand the chance to win several giveaways.

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Orijin: The secret behind Nigeria’s favourite 100% natural drink Orijin: The secret behind Nigeria’s favourite 100% natural drink Reviewed by Vita Ioanes on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Rating: 5

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