'My pastor told me my mother is a witch'

Worried man
My name is Justus Asuquo. I am a 46-years-old man from Akwa Ibom State. I have been in Lagos for over
20 years but I must say life has not been rosy for me all these years.

I am a graduate but since I graduated, I have not been able to get any tangible job. In fact, I have never had any job that pays above N50,000 and despite all my efforts to improve my life has not been successful.

I am yet to get married because I do not have the wherewithal to take care of a family.

In my quest to find out what my problems could be, I ran into a man of God who told me point blank that my mother is a witch and the reason behind my struggles in life.

He told me that according to Exodus 22:18 which says 'Suffer not the witch to live', only the death of my mother can set me free.

If I am to go by his words, I would have to kill my mother to change my destiny. But my mother has been the most loving mother any one can have.

She has always prayed that things should change for the better for me. She practically saw me through life since I lost my father at a very tender age.

My question now is: can such a loving mother be behind my woes? How can I possible kill her?

Please I need your readers' advice here before I commit a sacrilegious act.



Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: what would you do if you are in Justs' shoes?
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