My husband is a lunatic, wife tells court

A 42-year-old mother of four, Joy Obioma, on Thursday urged an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her 22-year-old for what she called her husband’s lunacy.
“My husband is not well, sometimes he can just go naked and start breaking bottles, looking for who to stab and everybody in the compound will be running for their dear lives.
“There was a day he ran out of the house with a cutlass looking for somebody’s hand to amputate,’’ she told the court.
The woman had filed a suit seeking the dissolution of her marriage to Godfrey, citing his lunatic fits.
Joy added:“One day he (the husband) threatened to pour acid on me to disfigure me and make me less attractive.
“He also threatened to burn down the house and run away.”
The petitioner said she could not continue to live with her husband for the alleged signs of madness.
Joy who alleged that her husband was a hemp smoker, said:“This is the first thing he takes every morning before food.
“Indian hemp is my husband’s first meal before breakfast, he takes it around 5.00 a.m., and after taking it, he will start to misbehave and pounce on me.
“I have been paying our rent, the children’s school fees with the support of my parents and siblings.’’
But the hubby, 49-year-old Godfrey, who denied the allegations, said nobody could separate him and his wife.
“My wife and I are made from `heaven’ to be husband and wife, nobody can separate us,’’ he told the court.”
He said he could not kill his wife but admitted threatening her with some dangerous weapons.
Godfrey pleaded with the court to save the marriage, saying “I am still very much in love with her.’’
The President of the court, Mr Hakeem Oyekan, fixed judgment in the case for July 22

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