Is Anambra Broke or are we broke?

There is panic among the civil servants that Anambra state is broke. They may be right or wrong but the situation is no longer funny but we at refused to buy the dummy they are sending to us that Anambra is broke.
We refused to be taken in that direction judging by the harsh criticism we got when we reported that 47 Boko Haram suspects have arrived Anambra state and were in Ekwulobia prison and rather than verify our claims , we got lashes and criticisms yet what happened, it was true. We reported that markets would close and got the same reaction yet it was true.
We then reported that there would be cut in salaries and more SSA’s relieved their appointment based on realities on ground, it was shelved , so let’s not assume Anambra state is broke or work with any document we have here at our disposal until Governor Willie Obiano or any of his aides speaks up in that direction.
For now let’s do with ---Is Anambra broke or are we broke?
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