Gov’s wife takes up job as gynaecologist

As part of her contribution to ensure women get the best   treatment in the state, the wife of the Niger State Governor, Dr. Amina Abubakar Bello last week expressed her desire to work as a gynaecologist at the Minna General Hospital.
The daughter of former head of State Abdusalami Abubakar, who visited the female wards at the General Hospital, Minna, said as a practising and consultant gynaecologist she needed to know how women are being catered for medically in the state. This earned her a prominent place in blogosphere in the last week.
“My visit is to see how I can contribute to the society as a gynaecologist. That is what I do. I see pregnant women, I see women with gynaecology problems, I operate on women on caesarian section, that is what I intend to do as my own contribution. The hospital should expect better services. I would like to contribute my own quota, visit some of these women, spend time with them, helping with their surgeries and deliveries”.
She said the rate of infant and maternal mortality in Niger State has dropped from its previous figure.
“ 500 last year, but recently it has dropped to 300 because of training and capacity building and the procurement of equipment for life saving. Last month, we had zero percent in infant and maternal mortality in this Hospital.”

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