Boko Haram prison transfer: Transform Nigeria Movement (TNM) warns Anambrarians to stop overheating the polity reports exclusively that the Transform Nigeria Movement (TNM) Anambra
state chapter has called on stakeholders in Anambra state to stop overheating the polity with the story of the Boko Haram Prison transfer.

Transform Nigeria Movement insisted that since Governor Willie Obiano has denied making the statements accredited to him on Vanguard newspaper on Friday and the Governor’s Senior Special Adviser, Political, Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe said he was misrepresented, the matter should end in the interest of peace and unity of purpose of Anambra people.
Obiano’s SSA Media, James Eze was quoted as saying: ‘’We wish to inform the general public that Governor Obiano NEVER made any comments to these publications. Since the eruption of this controversy, Governor Obiano’s position has been consistent. This is fully reflected in the two Press Statements issued on Sunday, June 28, 2015 and Wednesday July 1, 2015. In both statements, his message was simple – he re-assured Ndi Anambra that he was on top of the situation and that he was speaking with the relevant authorities to achieve a peaceful resolution of the issue. Governor Obiano’s commitment to this extremely sensitive issue remains the same.
Anambra state Co-ordinator of the TNM, Comrade Obi Ochije therefore in a press statement made available exclusively to warned those using the unfortunate incident as propaganda situation to detest as it is unnecessarily heating up the polity in Anambra state.

 He however commended Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe for being bold to say he was misrepresented as it would have been most unfortunate if the remarks accredited to him were what he said.  He then encouraged media managers to present the views of their interviewees as they were than thwarting it to sell their papers, to the detriment of the person they interviewed.

Ochije who is the Chairman of Ezinano community comprising of 20 villages in Awka capital territory of Anambra state said his group was apprehensive when Boko Haram suspects arrived at Aguata Prison Ekwlobia but would not rush to conclusions without hearing from all parties, but regretted the trend the news was going hence the appeal for all to sheath their swords.

Anambra Transform Nigeria Movement Coordinator said:  ‘’........................that Anambra is a trading state does not make us illiterates or charlatans but we are hopeful that soon the true story would emerge on the Boko Haram prison transfer .............’’ .

Meanwhile, Governor Willie Obiano’s Senior Special Adviser , Political, Comrade Chinedu Obidigwu has frowned at the way his interview with newsmen was weaved to reflect issues contrary to the way he presented them but apologized to the good people of Anambra state for the tension the publication generated against his wish.

Obidigwe appealed to journalists to avoid thwarting views of their interviewee to look or appear contrary to intention to avoid overheating the polity.

He asked the opposition political parties in the state to stop breeding bad blood for the Obiano’s government but to be constructive and play viable opposition by giving direction for better governance than remarks targeted at ridiculing the office of the Governor or his officials.

Obidigwe appealed to the Federal Government to rescind their position of dumping of the Boko Haram 47 terror suspects at Aguata Prison, since it was not done discreetly but reduced to beer parlour discussion.  

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