Ukpai librating Anambra people for 2015 elections

Renowned Pentecostal preacher, Rev. Uma Ukpai, has demanded for a peaceful conduct of the 2015
general elections i Anambra state requesting the entire citizenry join in prayers.
Ukpai said the nation’s economy will again be made stable and urged for prayers for the revamping of the nation’s economy .

Ukpai was in the state for a prayer session, where he lead over 100,000 residents of Anambra in prayer.
The Anambra Co-ordinator of Ukpai Praying for Nigeria Group, Rev. Canon Iyke Egbuonu, informed that the prayers covered the need for Christians and Moslems to co-exist as one in every community after a peaceful election.

Egbuonu said that the programme, with theme: “Why Do the Heathen Rage”, was used as a platform to stop every form of spiritual backwardness, strife, hatred programmed or planted against Nigeria internationally and among its people.

“And you can see rage everywhere in Nigeria; rage in the North, rage in the South; and it is obvious that whoever that wins, there must be a little problem if nothing is done in the spirit.

“We are also praying so that God would grant us a very peaceful election and grant this Nigeria co-existence of both religions after the election and a single unity. Let Nigeria remain an entity even after the election.

“We are also praying for progress; looking at the dollar, the rising of dollar and falling of oil price, it is obvious that Nigeria will enter into a serious economic crisis after the election.

“But, only God can salvage Nigeria; you and I know that Nigeria has no reserve anywhere, so the oil is just the only base; and if we don’t do much about it, it means if don’t pray very well and act fast; it means we may be queuing to buy bread after the elections.

“So, we are looking for a better Nigeria, and we know that the Church has the most vital role to play. So, all we are doing now is to pray and call down the hand of God upon this nation; to call down the hand of God upon INEC and upon all the people, who are involved in the election politically and those who are ordinary members of the society who will go out to vote in the polls on those days of election” he said.

The co-ordinator said that the prayer session have no political undertone; since it was not been sponsored by politicians or done to promote any party and as such not endorsing anybody.

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