VEAST calls for end to NUJ election style , asks for revolution

NUJ Election  Around the Corner: Revolution gravely needed  to obliterate  ethnic  chauvinism, Group  emphasizes.                     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voice  from the  East – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,   has   said  in clear terms that  Nigerian  Union  of Journalists  - NUJ, is not  an ethnic arrangement of  any  particular  ethnic group, and questioned  the rationale behind  every  President of  NUJ  being railroaded  from the western axis of the press or  he would  hit the rocks in his pursuit. 
The group went further to assert that the status quo of  indirect election via the chapels   in each state, is the animate sore point that has produced the  electoral bumps  that have fuelled the embers of  tribalism in the union. The group alleges that election by chapel  belongingness  is the abrasive  disquiet that  snowballs into convex  contours  of   ethnocentric  cheating,  and  made a frantic call for abrogation of  the  hitherto  rule  which  is indirect,  to  a more democratically   direct  vote   from every qualified  journalist,   whether or not,  he  belongs  to a  chapel .

To  qualify to vote, the  voter  must be  a  graduate  journalist   who read  Mass  Communication  at first or higher degrees ,  and not  Diploma  in Mass Communication  or  Journalism .
As would be strictly pointed  out  by  the  Convener of the group, Comrade  Kindness  Jonah, ‘‘ the chapelization of  NUJ election  is the  stratocumulus cloud of convolution  that  tilts  to the  favour of the western axis of the press seen now as the liberano- uno of  journalistic sabbre rattling’s  in Nigeria,  which  was the  acquiescence of the yore only, not decodable in  the journalistic parlance of the  present’’. 
Stressing further , Comrade Jonah said : ‘‘‘ The  fiendish  tantrum- ‘which chapel do you  belong to’ , as the  sine qua non  for vote articulation  preparatory to real election in NUJ, is the  making  of  an  unethnisized  President  that has eluded  NUJ since inception, which  mouth-agape  for a  more  drastic   turnaround  of  a   quantifiably inscribable  change for the better ’’’.

 The group  further concludes: ‘ Let  every  journalist  be qualified to directly  vote, and not any more  qualified by the  deceit racket of belonging to a registered chapel in a  State, as it is in the  present:   change is  now , most gravely needed in NUJ  elections’.
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