Why You Need to Invest in Real Estate by Lansar Aghaji

 Before the world became profit conscious, Humans were not really concerned with the acquisition and maintenance of Landed properties.
The complete integration of capitalism into our way of life means everything has to be viewed from the perspective of profit and loss as we gradually became seriously concerned with accumulating wealth. Ever since we have become insatiable as we continually explore ways and method to grow in wealth.
Of all the wealth creation options men have been exploring from inception, none has proven to be as consistent and profitable as the investment in real estate. Despite the several alterations with regards to design and execution that the real estate has witnessed, it has not deterred it from being one of the most reliable ways of accumulating wealth for a lifetime since partly because the shelter is one of the most basic needs of Humans.
The above declaration does not infer that wealth creation by investing in real estate is automatic. To successfully achieve this aim, some conditions have to be met and of course, the inputs of professi onals must not be taken lightly.
For instance, the very step you should take if you intend to invest in any landed property in Abuja is to contact an established real estate agency in Nigeria. This will offer you a large insight into  how your project will be accomplished, the cost and whether or not that dream building you have in mind is feasible.  
To maximize the returns inherent in real estate investment, any competent real estate agency in Abuja should be able to provide you with a professional estate surveyor and valuer whose main task is to perform feasibility and viability appraisal studies.
Performing feasibility and viability appraisal on any undeveloped property provides the estate surveyor and valuer with adequate information about the proposed project in its entirety by revealing if the proposed project is achievable and cost-effective.  This alone screens out projects that will only yield low returns or make you run into losses.
Estate Surveyors and  valuers are also able to correctly predict the type of project that can be executed on a land and provide viable project alternative all in a bid to maximize the client’s gain.
Admittedly, investing in real estate is one of the surest ways to build wealth as real estates (especially the ones in cities) rarely depreciates, have the propensity to multiply in value and can also bring in steady income even beyond your lifetime if properly managed. The several benefits associated with investing in real estates have higher potentials in cities but it is equally profitable in every part of the world.
While the above does not necessarily disregard your chances of making it big when you invest in real estate without the inputs of a competent real estate agency or without carrying out proper Valuation, to be the next Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Miloud Chaabi or Eleganza of real estate, you need more than just luck. You need the best real estate agency comprising of a team of professionals on your side. With proper feasibility and viability appraisal studies from a competent team of estate surveyors and valuers backed up by your willingness to succeed, the sky is just your starting point.
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