VEAST writes on the visit of Theresa May and Angela Merkel, warns President Buhari on 2019

‘Prognostication- 2019: Analysis of Planned  State  Visit to Nigeria by Theresa May and Angela Merkel’: Group  Forecasts , Buhari  to be advised not to contest .   


Voice  from the  East – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,  has  done a  qualitative  projection  of  the rationale  for the planned state visit to Nigeria by  two world leaders: Theresa May of United Kingdom  and Angela Merkel of Germany, based on what it called ‘ fall outs  of the lifeless body pronouncement  of Buhari by Trump.’  According to the group , what could prompt such a devastating remark on such   a world leader  like Buhari must be very undeniably  glaring. In a statement signed by its Convener,  Comrade  Kindness Jonah , made available to  the press  at Awka, the group sighted  the dull moment of Buhari with Trump as Buhari visited Trump in White House over which Trump  in his characteristic manner decried openly. ‘‘‘ All the questions  Trump addressed to Buhari met brickwall as Buhari could not respond, being bereft of any  interactive logic and idea of what transpires in the world polity, though a world leader . Trump asked him of  Syria issue, no response; of Afghanistan, no response, of the solution to bokoharam insurgemcy in his own Country Nigeria, no  coherent response; of  the brain (s)  behind Fulaniherdsmen  killings  since he is the life patron of Miyettiallah the umbrella body of Fulaniherdsmen,  Buhari  could not  make a complete  logical  statement. All  that Buhari could say in  White House  was ‘ PDP  looted Nigeria  dry and I am  out to recover the looted fund from PDP.’ Hence Donald J. Trump, a well bred Economist  and shrewd businessman  could not fathom what such  ‘a speechless  person is doing in the corridors of power  when action is needed ’  . It downed on Trump to notify other world leaders that Buhari, the President of Nigeria, was  lifeless.’’’ As the  group further posited, certain  subjective -rhetorical   questions might have prompted Trump to  make the  seemilitude of a sarcastic  , but forthright remark  on Buhari :  Was Buhari a robbot  that visited White House? Had Buhari  died long ago but robbotically  replaced by Jubrin from Sudan  as claimed by IPOB in his  own Country?  Had Buhari been  recreated scientifically, and moving without brain? ’’’ Listless are  such self-assessing questions that  could have moved D.J. Trump to conclude that Buhari is lifeless, claims VEAST, while explaining that  Lifeless body simply means , ‘ body  without  life, meaning that Buhari is dead. Or, is it not  the meaning?’ Whatever Trump means by calling Buhari a lifeless body,   claims VEAST, could have prompted the sending of the  two world leaders to Nigeria  to dissuade Buhari from contesting 2019 Presidential elections.

As for the so called senility of Buhari, VEAST differed  with many a critic  , quoting  Mugabe of  Zimbabwe as  a case point in articulation and composure despite being 93-year old , highly  much older than Buhari.However, Comrade Kindness Jonah  querried  why  Buhari could claim that  he was  74 years, while  his younger sister  celebrated  her 82- year  birthday in 2017  at Daura.  According to the group, since Buhari came on board as President , Nigeria has degenerated  to extreme blood shed, killings by Fulaniherdsmen and bokoharam, forced islamic  kidnap of young girls for forced marriages, sharia-supported   marriages, islamization killings and kidnaps and innumerable vices as well as extreme poverty. ‘‘‘‘ That is why pragmatic  world leaders have collectively decided that  Buhari should not contest  for  2019 Nigeria’s  Presidential Elections,  and have sent the duo of Theresa May  and Angela Mikel to variously –differently declare  that stance to him in clear terms . ’’’’
VEAST writes on the visit of Theresa May and Angela Merkel, warns President Buhari on 2019 VEAST writes on the visit of Theresa May and Angela Merkel, warns President Buhari on 2019 Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, August 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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