No Operation Python Dance 3 in Igboland, says VEAST

No Operation Python Dance 3  in Igboland : Group demonstrates  in Aba against  the killing of 38  IPOB  Members  at Ukwa  West by Operation Python Dance 2  .    

Voice  from the  East – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,  has  massively  demonstrated  in Aba  along the major streets :  Asa Road, Ehi  Road, Cameroun  Road, Ariara  Market  and  Umungasi, over  what it called ‘ Another  senseless  killing of Igbos  by Nigerian military in the satanically planned  operation python  dance 3,  as well as  heartless killing of 38  IPOB Members  at  Obiawom  Village  in Ukwa  West  Local  Government  Area of  Abia  State  by  python dance 2 .’  The group  made a frantic call to the international community, world court, International criminal  court , ECOWAS Court, African Union  as well as  Nigerian Senate  to very quickly   arrest  Nigeria  Chief  of  Army  Staff – Lt. General  Tukur  Buratai  over sanctioning  the killings  by his boys, the operation python dance 2  group.  According to the group, the python dance arrested and killed  38 IPOP members  during the said operation  and dumped them in a  river at Obiawom Village in Ukwa West  LGA   of  Abia  State at the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces as recorded  in Vanguard  of Wednesday, 15  August, 2018, page 15  by IPOB. And as at today, 17 August   2019 , on the same medium, front page, Nigerian military  seems not done yet in its  python dance in Igboland as they are marshalling for operation  python dance 3. 
Some of the placards  carried by the demonstrators read: ‘ No more  operation dance in Igboland-3 or 4 or any number’,  ‘ Declare operation python dance 2 group  terrorists’ , ‘ ICC ,  please arrest and prosecute  Tukur  Buratai now’, ‘ World Court ,  please question  Buhari  now ’, ‘ Nigeria Senate, please order for the arrest and prosecution of  Tukur  Buratai now’, ‘ Arrest and prosecute all military  personnel that went for the  satanic  operation python dance 2   in Abia State’.
While addressing Journalists  at Aba Town Hall after  the protest, the Convener of the group, Comrade Kindness Jonah,  said that  they took to the streets of Aba to showcase  their angst  against   what he called ‘ pathological hatred  of  Igbos by  Buhari and his   islamic hegemony as manifested in the killing of IPOB members by Buhari’s  operation python  dance 2 members  of the Nigerian military . ’ Comrade Jonah wondered why the same Buhari would keep quite as his fellow Fulani brothers in herdsmen  kill and butcher innocent Nigerians,  but   turn  180-degrees  to send army against armless  and defenseless  IPOB members.  ‘‘‘‘  Why  has Buhari  not sent  to sambissa forest, ‘lafia dole’  means peace continues, and it is operation lafia  dole in the North, where as in Igboland, it is python dance. Does  python dance?  World  Court  and  ICC  must arrest   and prosecute Buratai now  for killing 38  IPOB  members  at Obiawom , and    for  subsequently dumping them into   the muddy river  ’’’’
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