The popular European Revolution which swept through Europe in 1848 (see European Revolution) brought with it a supremacy of the Human Will and the enthronement of the Dignity of Man. This could be seen by the various Social Contracts in a bid to restore the dignity of man and preserve the Supreme Human Will.

The most popular of all times, the *Magna Carta 1215,* also known as "the Great Charter of the Liberties" has been ascribed to by historians and Political Scientists as the source of the European Spring (Spring Time of the Peoples) which many observers believed restored power to the PEOPLE as well as the emergence of the *Parliament* being the central processing unit for Public Driven Representation.
Magna Carta still forms an important symbol of liberty today, often cited by politicians and campaigners, and is held in great respect by the British and American legal communities. No wonder The legendary English Judge, Lord Denning describing it as "the greatest constitutional document of all times – *the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot".*
My people, the good people of Anaocha, Njikoka and Dunukofia, we have failed because we have not taken time to pursue our *Magna Carta* but rather trivialities especially personal and in extensions premodial assumptions as against civic interests.
Some of these premodial trivialities which are individualistic and have destroyed our society include collecting money to endorse a politician, supporting an aspirant because he/she comes from your clan, community, LGA or religious belief among others. All these have tremendously affected the substance of good representation which must be based on character and explainable quality of plans and programs.
I, Oba Emelie Okika (Agbogidi) may give you money or come from your clan, community, LGA, religious belief etc. Note, please, do not vote for me because of these trivialities but vote for me *by the content of my character and the message of my Magna Carta or Social Contract with you.*
My message of Magna Carta brothers and sisters is a message of *Public Driven Representation.* It is a message of liberty and a message of good representation based on the dignity of man and the restoration of the supremacy of the Human Will ie the Will of the People.
Hence, democracy, according to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States is "Government of the people, by the people and for the people." I have come ladies and gentlemen to champion the government of the people. A government where the people must drive the representation. I am not here for myself but for you hence, my Magna Carta with you.
The difference between my project and that of others is that I have not come to make campaign promises but, I have come to go into a Social Contract (Magna Carta) with you which is popularly known as Public Driven Representation. Hold me responsible for the violation of this contract.
My people, we cannot continue to be deceived by cheap political promises that have reduced us to inhuman treatments but bargain for a social contract which will uphold our Fundamental Human Rights and the dignity of man.
In Public Driven Representation the constituents are integral part of the budget planning through numerous inputs. This opportunity I must grant my constituents to be part of budget planning, monitoring and participation so as to make sure that *every dime of the Constituency Allowance and Projects are judiciously spent and executed in the Constituency.*
The party must be at the fore front of this project as the party ideology is the vehicle that drives our programs. My manifesto is based on the party ideology which we must promote for the welfare, growth and development of our party.
I enjoin you my people, to join me in this mission of being the first in the country to propagate the *Public Driven Representation* of social contract as provided in my manifesto for the growth and development of our Constituency.
*Oba Emelie Okika*