1000 Okpoko residents storm Awka, protest plot to impose caretaker

www.odogwublog.com reports that no fewer than 1000 residents of Okpoko, Ogbaru Local Government Area,
Anambra state, last Friday, stormed Government House, Awka, and
protested alleged plot to impose a caretaker committee on them by the
Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on Local Government and
Chieftaincy Matters, Hon. Vera -Okeke.

The protesters, led by the President General of the community, Hon.
Edwin Emesinwa, accused the Special Adviser of writing the script of
politicians who want to impose their stooges as members of the
caretaker committee who will in turn aide them come the 2019 general
election to deliver the community to them without the interest of the
residents of the area.

They carried placards some of which read; "Vera is writing the script
of her predecessor, vera is the cause of all the problems in Okpoko,
there are pending cases of Okpoko in both Ogbaru High court and Appeal
court, politicians who are behind the crises in Okpoko live at GRA
from where they represent us, Gov Obiano Pls come to our rescue, we
are tired of imposition of caretaker committees, Hon Emesinwa is our
President General, politicians leave Emesinwa alone, we did not see
any project worth #20million Gov Obiano choose your project in
Okpoko", among others.

Speaking after presenting their petition to the Chief of Staff, the
President General, Hon. Emesinwa lamented that the crises in Okpoko
emanated from the office of the Sspecial Adviser, Hon Vera Okeke
adding, "we heard the Special Adviser wants to announce the names of
those that will be imposed on us as caretaker committee members and
that is why we are here at the Government House to protest and tell
our able Governor Willie Obiano about the plotand  to stop her because
I am the elected President General and moreover there are cases still
pending in court over my victory."

"Those I defeated during the election collaborated with the  former
caretaker committee led by Hon. Linus Ezenwamma to drag me to court
challenging the execution of court order that sacked the caretaker

I was elected the President General and five months to the expiration
of my tenure I was removed and I went to court and secured judgment
that removed the caretaker committee imposed on the community led by
Hon Linus Ezenwamma.

Ezenwamma went to court and swore to an affidavite that his office has
expired. An election was conducted and I won. He refused to vacate
office and court ordered for execution and he now went to court
challenging the execution" he stated.

The case is now in Appeal court, stay of execution while imposition of
caretaker is at Ogbaru court pending. They vowed to remove me as the
President General because I am not from Anambra state.

Consequently, Hon Vera Okeke in a bid to ensure I am removed,
reportedly created two files, one for Okpoko community and the other
for me so that whenever the files of Okpoko will be demanded for she
will present that of Okpoko that does not include me as President

Cases I filed and all documents I presented in that my fileon Okpoko
will not be joined and presented when need be as She vowed that since
I sued the former Commissioner for local Government and Chieftaincy
Matters, Hon Dubem Obaze, that I must be removed also" ,

Also speaking on behalf of the community, the Chairman of ward 42 in
the community, Chief Richard Emekarionye, said "we do not ask for
caretaker committee, they want to impose their stooges on us".

"Those politicians behind the crises do not even live in Okpoko but at
GRA Onitsha. The first #20million community project Governor Willie
Obiano brought was used by the caretaker to build a two-room court
apartment and no court has ever sat there since completion.

Another #20million that was brought making it #40million was not put
in any tangible project by the then caretaker led by Linus Ezenwamma
and today the same caretaker wants to come back and we say no, that is
why we are here protesting. The fence they used part of the money to
construct was pulled down by the devastating flood recently "
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